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Hallam Server Rack Cabinets

NEW, USED, Refurbished Hallam computer cabinets / server racks.

Setting new standards in outstanding design and superior quality manufacturing are just two of the main goals which Hallam Manufacturing build into all their products.

Through research, development and client interaction, Hallam Manufacturing produces high quality 19" rack cabinets, 19" server racks and accessories to meet customer's current and future requirements.

Telecommunications carriers, international electronics companies, government, military, computer companies, laboratories, banks, radio and television stations specify Hallam cabinets for secure, accessible and organised housing of their valuable equipment. Hallam server cabinets offer superb appearance to enhance any installation.

We provide uninterruptible power supplies - UPS, network server enclosures, rack mounts, high quality 19" rack cabinets and accessories to meet all current and future requirements. We install Data Cabling Adelaide ,
Brisbane , Melbourne , Sydney , and Perth.

racks_800_series.Network   Hallam Premium 19 Inch Racks | Server 19 Inch Cabinets
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsFully welded frame construction
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsExtreme strength and rigidity under load conditions
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsAesthetic modern design
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsIntegrated power distribution
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsLift off side panels with spring latch fastening
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsCable entry in base through removeable covers
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsSuperior cable management
  • SERVER_Rack_CabinetsDoor Options: Metal, Glass or perspex
h_800_series_cabinet_Network   Hallam 800 Series Racks
  • Fully welded frame construction
  • Extreme strength and rigidity under load conditions
  • Aesthetic modern design
  • Integrated power distribution
  • Lift off side panels with spring latch fastening
  • Cable entry in base through removeable covers
  • Superior cable management
  • Door Options: Metal, Glass or perspex
hallam_qr_series_cabinet_Network   Hallam QR Series Racks

    The new QR Series of rack cabinets has been created to cater for companies with limited budget capacities. Designed to accommodate both 19" and 21" mounting platforms, to EIA or ETSI standards. These inexpensive rack cabinets offer many outstanding features normally associated with larger, more expensive systems. With a full range of optional accessories, the QR series is the ideal solution for all your installation requirements.

hallam_channel_rack_Network   Hallam Channel Racks

    Channel racks provide a highly efficient method of standard 19" mounting where access and valuable floor space are at a premium. These channel racks are supplied pre assembled ready to use. The design of the channel rack allows for the rack to be floor mounted, and with additional securing holes located in the top section, these racks create a highly efficient housing for interconnect, cross connect and backbone cabling operations.

hallam_ecco_wall_cabinet_Network   Hallam ECCO Wall Mount Cabinet

    Creating a cabinet system to cater for small to medium sized networks has often been regarded as too difficult and too expensive, and therefore overlooked by most computer cabinet manufacturers. But now Hallam Manufacturing have created the ideal cabinet to suit most office environments.

hallam_c_class_cabinet_Network   Hallam C Class ASIO Cabinets

    C-Class cabinets have been endorsed by ASIO-T4 Protective Security section and are manufactured in accordance with the specifications, Class "C" 19" Rack Security Container Part 1, Revision C, March 2003, Parts 2,3 & 4.

    These cabinets provide the required security levels for data/comms equipment used in secure networks.

rack_accessories_Network   Hallam Rack Accessories

    We can supply a large range of accessories to enhance and modify our existing rack and cabinet systems. In most cases these accessories will enable you to expand your cabinets usage and life span by adding extra shelves as well as horizontal and vertical power sources to handle any additional computer hardware you wish to install.

hallam_wall_bracket_hinged_Network   Hallam Wall Brackets (hinged / Unhinged)

    Used for a small network installation these units are available in various height and depth configurations. The hinged wall bracket allows for patch panels etc to be hinged away from the mounting area for ease of cabling and installation. Original top and bottom covers can be ordered to suit.