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Commander NT40 Dolpin

Commander NT40 Dolpin

The Commander NT40 Dolpin is designed to be flexible in powering the entirety of an organization’s communication needs. The basic setup of the phone system starts with 16 incoming lines, with 24 extensions. The incoming lines though are only ISDN. If PSTN lines are used, the lines are limited to 8.

Commander NT40 Dolpin is suitable for professional use, ideal in addressing to the needs of employees in any business environment. This phone handset is consisted of large LCD display, making is very easy for users to read whatever is displayed on the LCD. The best thing about the handset though is that all the basic features that could support hands-free operation are available. The function keys in the devices are even programmable and user-friendly.

The Commander NT40 Dolpin handset is logically compatible with the Commander NT40 Dolpin handset. However, there are also several handsets applicable to this phone system. These handsets include the following:

  • Commander M7324N
  • Commander M7310N
  • Commander M7208N
  • Commander M7100N
  • Commander NT DSS Phone Console (CAPN)

Giving this phone system a go is not a waste of your time! These products came from a renowned telecommunication company Commander,, which has been in the industry for more than 30 years now and have served thousands individuals and organizationsin Australia and catered to their communication needs, making it possible to help them stay connected and improving in their operations in the process. This is enough reason for you to do the same and trust this phone system for your business operations!

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