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Oricom Cordless Phone

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Oricom’s range of Digital Cordless Phones uses DECT technology, the most accepted worldwide cordless phone standard. DECT provides you with brilliant voice and sound quality, protection against eavesdropping and a far better range than 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHhz phones. In addition you can talk anywhere in your home or office without interference from wireless networks.

Oricom DECT cordless phones are sure to impress in terms of style, features, sound quality and value for money. Whether you are after a Oricom cordless phone rich in features and panache for your new home, or a stylish amplified phone to assist you or a loved one to communicate more easily, you can be sure that Oricom will have the product that meets your needs and your lifestyle.
Buy Online or Call 1300 088 088 for help on purchasing the correct Oricom cordless phone system for your business.

See the Oricom cordless telephones range below: