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Red Emergency Phones

Telephonesonline have a large variations of emergency phones that are ideal for seniors and the elderly. These phones are especially made to cater to the needs and the conditions of the older people. Some of these emergency phones include the following:

  • Big Button Phones (Cordless and Wireless)
  • Aged Care Pendant Phones
    • Red Phones

    There are several types of seniors in the market and Telephonesonline aims to cater to all of them. While some of them may be updated with the technology and knows how to work even laptops and mobile devices, some may be totally clueless on how phones work. This is why simple phones for them are necessary. These phones should also be convenient and easy to use. And that’s exactly what the company offers. In addition to that, Telephonesonline also offerssteel-proof heavy duty Vandel resistant phones.

    It is necessary to take into consideration the situation that seniors experience day-to-day. The Red Emergency Phones is one of the specially-made ones in case immediate contact is absolutely necessary. This is very applicable during emergency situations. There are several requirements to accomplish first though in order for the phone to work effectively and one of that is to make sure that you contact your company’s Occupational Health and Safety Personnel first before using it.

    Make sure to purchase phones for the elderly that could cater to their special needs and daily living. Make it easier for them and choose a communication device that could cater to some of their possible difficulties, including:

    • Difficulty Hearing
    • Low Vision
    • Stiffness in the Fingers Causing Trouble in Dialling

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