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Commander N Series

Commander N Series

The Commander N Series is composed of several stable phone systems and handsets, including the following:

  • Commander N308
  • Commander N616
  • Commander N1236
  • Commander N2260

These phones cannot just be fitted with any headset without having to modify them. They also have a fixed handset cord.

The Commander N Series comes from the prominent Commander Company, which has been a constant in the telecommunication industry in Australia. Being part of the industry for at least 30 years, the company is continuously improving the communication system of companies, improving one of the core functions. And since the company has been doing this for more than 30 years, it has more than enough share of its contribution to a lot of industries. In addition to that, because of these years of experience, the company has also garnered whatever knowledge it needs to create efficient and effective solutions for its customers. And until the present, Commander remains to be updated with the current needs and trends of the industry.

Commander caters to many types of technologies and communication sectors. Included in the communication forms the company partakes are broadband and data technologies, office phones, and mobile phones. The company offers more than just the handsets but the infrastructure, connectivity, and tools that go along with the handsets. And in addition to this, the company also offers its users a ways to save a lot of money and experience real efficiency, especially with all the simple and integrated solutions offered in the market.

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