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Interquartz Gemini series

Interquartz Gemini Series

Interquartz has been serving the telecommunication industry for more than 30 years now. These years of experience had gave way to excellent quality of products from the company. The company has enough knowledge when it comes to the various exchange equipment and PABX brands used in the industry. And with those years, the company has expanded its portfolio and the excellent features that go with their handsets. One of this features is the message waiting indicator solutions that comes with the handset.

Interquartz caters to customers in Australia, as well as over the Pacific Regions. It has also continuously been an ideal choice for several industries. But the most advantageous factors about the Interquartz products include the following:

  1. Plastic is thick and has high quality.

  2. While thinner and lower quality kind of plastic for phone handsets may cut the entire cost, it will also cut the number of years for which the product may exist. The Interquartz products are made from ultra violet stable plastic that will help in making sure that the colour of the unit does not fade. The plastic will also not crack despite heavy use.

  3. Numbers will never fade with the double injection moulded keys.

  4. The numbers on the handsets are silk screen printed. This means that the number will not wear away of fade, even when exposed to chemicals. The Interquartz keypads are also moulded into the buttons themselves, with markings that go all the way through the button.

  5. It has an expensive silicon rubber feet.

  6. Interquartz phones havesilicon rubber feet. This diminishes the problem of sliding handset and could help the handset to stay in place firmly, however long your stretch the cord.

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