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Telephone Repairs & Testing Tools

Telephone Repairs & Testing Tools

A lineman's handset is a special type of telephone used by technicians for installing and testing local loop telephone lines. It is also called a test set, butt set, or buttinski. And Telephonesonline can offer you these telephone test tools with a single click of a button wherever you may be. These phones are very important especially for companies that offer cable and phone repair services. These telephones get to conduct assessments on what needs to be repaired even when away from the location.

Some of the similar products are:

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  • Linesman’s Test Telephone for Technician
  • Phone Technician Butt Test Phone

A typical lineman's handset integrates an earpiece, a mouthpiece, a dialling interface, and a set of test leads for connecting to the telephone circuit.A lineman's handset typically connects via a pair of test leads, not the modular connector found on most consumer telephone equipment. The test leads will feature some combination of alligator clips (to connect to bare wires), a piercing spike or "bed-of-nails" (for insulated wires), and something designed to fit a punch block. Adapters designed to fit other punch block types, heat coil sockets, or modular jacks may also be used.

When connected to a line, a lineman's handset is essentially indistinguishable from regular subscriber equipment. The technician can then conduct several services including:

  • Monitoring an Active Call
  • Answering Incoming Calls
  • Making Outgoing Calls

Common tests include checking for dial tone, using ANAC to identify the line, and using a ring-back number.

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