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Siemens Phones

Siemens Phones

Siemens Phones are offered by Telephonesonline, together with technical support and services. These phones are high quality communication devices that could help businesses and companies towards better productivity and revenue, leading to success in whatever industry they may be in.

These phones come from Siemens Communications, a division of Siemens AG that was founded way back in 1998. The father company was founded in 1847. With the changes made on the company in 2006 though dividing Siemens Communications to two smaller divisions, Siemens Enterprise Communications is now solely handling these office phones from the company. And then the company was renamed as Unify Digital Channel.

The company offers a wide range of communication devices and platforms in more than 90 countries all around the world. With around 11,000 employees operating under the umbrella of the company, it is able to provide all businesses of all sizes. All of the businesses’ issues can be easily addressed. Some of these issues include:

  • Globalization
  • Cost Pressures
  • Employee Collaboration
  • Product Innovation

With simple communication devices and solutions, these issues can be resolved. And this is what Siemens or Unify can provide its users and customers. With a stable communication environment in your businesses, made possible by these devices and phone systems, you can be assured that your business’ operations will be more efficient and that with better engagement between employees, productivity will also be improved. But more than that, you can also be assured that your relationship with customers will also be improved with better communication system to use.

Telephonesonline offers these services:

  • Siemens Phones Supply, Installation, and Support
  • Siemens Telephone Maintenance
  • Telephone Cabling and Programming
  • Relocation of Office Phone Systems

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