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Mitel Phones

Mitel Phones

The Mitel Phones series is integrated with desktop application enabled by Mitel Integrated Communications Platforms of ICPs. The company has provided the industry and its customers with breakthrough communications device that radically enhances the meaning of Voice, Video and Data Convergence on the desktop. With an entirely new factor, Mitel Navigator delivers an unrivalled user experience and can be personally tailored for specific horizontal and vertical market applications. Some of the excellent phones of the company includes the following:

Mitel 5201 IP Phone

Cost-effective, entry-level IP Phone that offers easy access to basic telephony and messaging services. Designed for common areas and occasional users.

Mitel 5207 IP Phone

Cost-effective, entry-level hands-free speakerphone that offers backlit display and multiple line appearances.

Mitel 5215 IP Phone (Dual Mode)

Cost-effective, dual port, hands-free speakerphone with backlit display and multiple line appearances.

Mitel 5220 IP Phone (Dual Mode)

Feature-rich, dual port enterprise-class IP phone with multi-line, multi-button display, programmable feature keys, context sensitive softkeys and hands-free operation. Peripheral support for IP Programmable Key Modules (PKMs), 5310 IP Conference Units and Line Interface Modules.

Mitel 5230 IP Phone

Dual port, hands-free, web-enabled IP phone that fully integrates the PDA to provide unparalleled desktop integration and location transparency across the network.

Mitel 5235 IP Phone

Full-feature, enterprise-class telephone with a large, backlit touch-screen providing users with real-time access to applications and services such as web browsing, directory management and visual voice mail.

Mitel 5240 IP Phone

Dual port, web-enabled IP phone with 320 x 240 HTML display delivers one-touch access to advanced applications and services including HTML browsing and web applications.