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Commander AN616

Commander AN616

A top-notch telecommunication company in Australia, Commander is infamous for its high quality phone systems and solutionsthat supports its customers and aids their customers’ need to stay connected at all times. This need also springs from the company’s want to help their customers as their businesses continue to grow.

Commander has been focusing on business communications for more than 30 years now, as much years as the company has existed in the industry. The company has industriously provided Australian businesses with advanced communication and technology solutions. And one of these excellent products is the Commander AN616, a simple yet effective communication device for businesses in whatever industry.

The Commander AN616 phone handset is compatible with the phone system bearing the same name. It can provide a maximum of 6 phone lines and 16 extensions all in all. It uses software and hardware modules, which helps users to save money significantly and help businesses on economical purchases. The structure of the handset itself looks very stylish and modern. In general, the handset is aesthetically pleasing. And though a lot of communication devices may seem to disregard this part of the handset, the Commander sees the need to perfect all the necessary parts of a phone handset. And while this is true, it doesn’t only look good but also performs efficiently and effectively.

The Commander AN616 Series, including its phone handset and the main equipment use microprocessors in order for the entire system to work well and provide extensive choices of features needed by users.

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