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Curly Phone Cords

Curly Phone Cords

A curly phone cord is one of the most basic parts of a desk phone, or any phone handset for that matter. In fact, a lot today’s communication devices involve curly phone cords. These cords are known as other names including the following:

  • Coiled Cable
  • Coil Cord
  • Coil Cable Retractile
  • Retractable Cable
  • Spiral Cables

Generally, these cords look curly and coiled, but the best thing about them which makes them very efficient is that they are retractable. Its uses include:

  1. They make sure that the cable does not snap back on the users which can not only hurt them but can also destroy the device.
  2. Since they are coiled and curly, the use of these cords help save a lot of space since it takes up little space.A foot long curly cord can be multiplied in 3 in length! The longer the phone cord is, the longer it is also able to extend.
  3. They serve sort of as an anti-tangle machinery. While long cables have the tendency to tangle into each other and be a great hassle to use, curly phone cords will eliminate that problem and users could simply extend the cord when necessary.

The curly phone cords mentioned are the cycled type, one of the two basic types of curly cords. The second type is called the stationary curly cord and the difference between the two is that the second type can only be extended and stretched once. After that, it won’t go back to its original curly form cord.

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