Refurbished Phone Systems for Small, Medium & Large Business

At TelephonesOnline.com.au we provide a full range of Refurbished Phone Systems and cards & accessories for the systems. Our Refurbished Phone Systems give a discounted alternative to customers, without compromising on the quality and reliability of the equipment we sell.

Business Refurbished Phone, Refurbished Phones We manage this by refurbishing most of the products we supply ourselves, and the balance is factory reconditioned, usually by the manufacturers. All the products we sell come with full 12 month warranty, the same as if the systems were new.

Our Refurbished Phone Systems go through a process that includes:

  • Full testing of all unit features and facilities.
  • Replacement of line cords, curly cords, and other internal and external components and accessories where necessary.
  • Quality control. Any product not passing our stringent quality control standard is ‘B’ graded, not for sale (used for maintenance spares etc). Only products passing our inspection will be allowed onto the shelves for sale on the TelephonesOnline.com.au website.


Warranty Simply follow the links above to find your Refurbished Phone model & SAVE! Refurbished Business Phone System - SAVE $1000s!

Your business communication can be as simple and functional as you desire, we specialise in customising the perfect solution for you! Small, Medium or Large businesses require a Refurbished Phone System that makes communication simple, affordable and reliable. At Telephones Online we understand your needs and take the extra step to customise the simplest options and design a business Phone system to match all your business needs within your budget!

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Commander Connect Phone System with 3 Handsets Commander REFURBISHED business telephone System - 4 Line, 6 Digital Handsets Commander Refurbished Telephone System 7 Handsets and Voicemail LG Aria 130 Phone System with 4 Handsets
Our price: AUD$ 749.00
Our price: AUD$ 1099.00
Our price: AUD$ 1449.00
Our price: AUD$ 799.00
LG Aria 130 Phone System with 6 Handsets LG Aria 130 Phone System with 8 Handsets Commander Connect Telephone System 12 Handsets 6 PSTN Lines, 8 Digital Extensions and VOICEMAIL (Refurbished) LG Aria 130 Phone System with 11 Handsets: PACK 4 for Medium Size Business, 9x 7008 Telephones, 1x 7016 Handset, 1x 7024 Handset
Our price: AUD$ 899.00
Our price: AUD$ 999.00
Our price: AUD$ 2199.00
Our price: AUD$ 1399.00
LG Aria 130 Phone System with 12 Handsets: PACK 5 for Medium Business, 9x 7008 Telephones, 2x 7016 Handset, 1x 7024 Handset NEC IPK Phone system 4x PSTN Lines 12x NEC DTR 16 button Handsets - Refurbished Used Pre-Owned LG Aria 130 Phone System with 15 Handsets: PACK 6 for Large Business, 12x 7008 Telephones, 3x 7016 Handset, 1x 7024 Handset LG Aria 130 Phone System with 15 Handsets: PACK 7 for Large Business, 30 PRI ISDN channel, 12x 7008 Telephones, 3x 7016 Handset, 1x 7024 Handset
Our price: AUD$ 1599.00
Our price: AUD$ 2499.00
Our price: AUD$ 1999.00
Our price: AUD$ 2499.00
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