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Intercom Phones with Camera

Intercom Phones with Camera

Security is one of the most important issues, whether it be residential or in companies. And one of the best security tools that you could integrate in your building are intercom phones. With a lot of dangers in the world, you can never be sure who could simply go to your door with a bad intention. This is where intercom phones with camera come very handy.

With the advancement of technology, a lot of devices and tools have made people’s lives a lot convenient and safe. With intercom systems, 2-way communication is possible. The best thing is that most of these systems are integrated with video camera.

Why Choose Intercom Phones with Camera?

There are several features that could bring about advantages in using intercom phones. Some of which are:

Browsing Live. This feature enables the users to see whoever is outside the door. This can simply give the users the choice to see them and let them in or not. This is made possible by the camera installed in the system. This is the best feature against any danger.

2-way Communication. Intercom phone are phone for a reason. It is composed of 2-way intercom systems that enables more than just live feed from the camera but more importantly you will be able to speak with the person outside.

Night Vision (Optional). Some cameras installed in the system are infrared cameras. With this kind of camera, the feed does not need external lights to capture image. Users will be able to see the person outside their doors even at night.

Features of Intercom Phones with Camera to Exploit

More than just viewing your visitors, there are also several features that can be enjoyed, including the following:

  • Release Lock by User Code
  • Swipe ID/IC Card to Release Lock
  • Door Bell
  • Numeric Keypad
  • Visitor Picture Recording
  • Video Calls to IP Indoor Phone

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