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New Large Telephone Systems

New AVAYA and Siemens Large Telephone Systems

Finding the right telephone system can be a daunting task. There are plenty of suppliers and plenty of products to choose from. In today’s marketplace you must choose a system that adds value to your business and a telephone system that can help to improve efficiencies and maybe even save your company money.

Telephones Online Pty Ltd will help you choose the right platform for your needs. We have vast experience in AVAYA telephone systems and SIEMENS telephone systems. We will show you how one or more of these platforms can save your business money by:

  • Improving call flows to eliminate queuing customers or prospects
  • Making for easy new working practices such as hot desking and home working
  • Saving money by using existing mobile telephones as ordinary desk phones


avaya large business phone system

Telephones Online Pty Ltd is an AVAYA partner. AVAYA is one of the world’s leading business phone system manufacturers.
Create your most productive mobile workforce. Easily and cost-effectively increase communications capacity, adding enhanced capabilities as your business expands. Gain business and customer service efficiencies. Avaya IP Office phone system is easily customised to meet the communications needs of large business.

Flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in:

  • Go from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications.
  • Grow from five employees to 1,000 (at a single site).
  • Network up to 32 locations.
  • Launch easy communications for everyone: office workers, mobile workers, receptionists, teleworkers, and customer service agents and supervisors.
  • Use IP, digital, analog, or SIP—in any combination.
  • Scale cost-effectively as your business grows. Simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology.
  • Combine IP Office with Avaya data networking, security features, intuitive system management tools, and affordable services support for a comprehensive communications solution
With more than 266,000 systems installed worldwide, AVAYA IP Office phone system is the leader in unified communications for small and midsize and large businesses. AVAYA IP Office was awarded Unified Communications Product of the Year in 2011 from both TMC and Frost & Sullivan.

Business Benefits of a AVAYA IP Office Phone System:

  • Total Solution: Complete voice and data communication solution for SMEs
  • Dual Function: Operates as a traditional phone system or an IP telephony server
  • Flexible: Supports both single locations and multi-site networks
  • Scalable: Basic call centre and voice messaging capabilities are built-in.
  • Future Proof: Scalable, so can grow with the business

Avaya Large Business Phone Systems

With AVAYA IP Office, you can give your employees the communications tools they need to perform at their best.
  • Mobile Worker
  • Office Worker
  • Teleworker
  • Receptionist

Avaya users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages—voice, email, and fax—in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones.

Buy Avaya Phone Systems

siemens large business phone systemsiemens large business phone system

Whether you’re looking for a new Siemens telephone system or just an alternative supply of Siemens telephone system maintenance look no further. Telephones Online Pty Ltd has experience of installing the Siemens large telephone systems and provides a full help desk and onsite service contracts throughout the Australia. If you’re looking for an alternative supplier of Siemens telephone system maintenance contact us at your earliest convenience.. You won’t be disappointed.

Business Benefits of a Siemens Enterprise Phone System:

The complete range of these telephone systems and Unified Communication Solutions provides a range of benefits to businesses large and small. They include:

  • Lower operating phone system costs
  • Improved Business productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Multi – site networking to connect all your offices into one network
  • Modular approach to add applications to enhance business phone system
  • Support of latest IP technologies
  • Easy to tailor your phone system to your business

Telephones Online Pty Ltd is an Premium solutions partner for Siemens Enterprise Communications Phone Systems, one of the world’s leading business phone system manufacturers. Our decision to partner with Siemens Enterprise Communications was based on the knowledge that 75% of all Global 500 companies use Siemens Enterprise Communications Business Phone Systems and Communication solutions.

Siemens Enterprise Communications has an outstanding record of developing business phone systems, unified communications and telephony solutions for businesses large and small. At Telephones Online Pty Ltd, we know by recommending and installing Siemens Enterprise Communications Phone Systems and Unified communication solutions we can provide superior telephony solutions, customer service and technical support levels required for any companies – regardless of the size of the business organisation. Siemens Enterprise Communications recognises that every business has a different phone systems and communication need and a one size fits all approach is not possible.

siemens large phone system business

The Siemens Enterprise Communications modular approach to Business Phone Systems means that you can add functionality and choose from a vast range of applications and features as and as your business communication needs grow.


"Telephones Online Pty Ltd customer service and technical expertise ensures your Enterprise Business phone system and communication solution will receive unrivalled support."


Contact Telephones Online Pty Ltd to request more information or arrange an onsite demonstration on the award winning range of AVAYA IP Office or  Siemens Enterprise Communications Business Phone Systems.