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Engenius Long Range Cordless Phones

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Advantages of Engenius Cordless Phones

  • Engenius cordless phones use two-way radio technology to cover the extra distance needed for factories, farms, offices, warehouses, hospitals, homes and more.
  • Person to person calling means no more paging or extra mobile calls when a call comes in.
  • Caller ID allows the person to take the call or send to voicemail.
  • Group paging and broadcast for emergencies.
  • Ultra long range. Up to 10 km is usual in open areas.
  • Engenius Cordless Phones provide cost savings - no need to use mobiles on site.

Industrial strength, expandable phone system

  • Engenius cordless telephones are industrial strength. Double coated rubber case is shock resistant and features integrated hand grip and low profile antenna.
  • Additional handsets ands base units are available separately. Your system grows with your needs.
  • Durafon 1x SN 902 single line, with one line per base unit and up to 9 handsets. Up to 4 base units can be linked with up to 36 handsets.
  • Durafon 4x SP 922 with four lines per base unit, up to 90 handsets.
  • Durafon SP 9228 Pro multi-base system, with four lines per base unit, up to a maximum of 8 base units and 90 handsets.

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See the Engenius cordless telephones range below: