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LG Aria Phones

LG Aria Phones

The LG Aria Phone handsets and systems are incredibly popular because it is very convenient to use. The entire product is user-friendly since users do not need additional time meant for learning or complicated installation. The innovative design and features of the products are very simple and easy to understand that if you suddenly switch to using these products, it wouldn’t be a hassle at all.

These products is from the world leading company LG Aria. This company is an infamous telecommunication manufacturing company, which has been in the industry for 40 years now. It has delivered flexible solutions and communication systems that could meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment of different industries. What its boasts are the latest technologies it used in its products and the designs and features that go along with the solutions.

Affordable Technology

LG Aria offers excellent products integrated with advanced and affordable technologies. And along these technologies are simple and advanced features users could take advantage of when purchasing the product. Some of which are the following

  • ACD
  • Computer Telephony Integration or CTI
  • DECT Wireless Mobility
  • Interactive Voice Response or IVR
  • Least Cost Routing or LCR
  • One-touch Transfer
  • Paging


Basing its designs on the universal port architecture, LG Aria offers excellent flexibility through plug-in modules, allowing Aria systems to expand and be able to accommodate new features that could help business needs. Even VoIP modules are available and can simply be added when users need to.

Convenient to Use

All of the LG Aria products are constructed while bearing in mind the features that will be best for users. These features are simply, easy-to-learn and very logical.

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