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Interquartz Hotline Phones

Interquartz Hotline Phones

Australia and Pacific Regions are the territories of Interquartz. And when it comes to the industries that the company can cater to, it has a wide reach to several unrelated industries in the market. From small enterprises and home offices to the needs of educations sectors, and even the government, the Interquartz phones can be used in the operations of these industries and sectors. This is because of the capability of the company to provide high quality and affordable desk handsets that could cater to all types of communication needs.

Interquartz has offered its products to the Australian business market for 30 years and more. And being in the industry for that long is a big advantage in coming up features and solutions that will fit the needs of the market.

Amplified Headset Ports

Desk telephones have their respective headset ports. And these ports are able to deliver the best audio phones can have with a high quality built-in amplifier installed in even the most basic headset phones offered by the company. In addition to that, the company also improved the deployments of its wireless headset phones through the introduction of the two Electronic Hook Switch or EHS models.

For Hearing Aid Users: Inductive Coupling in Every Telephone

Interquartz try to offer more than what is expected of them. One of the best examples of this is the hearing aid compatibility in a standard product, which means that the Interquartz desk telephone products are highly compatible.

Compatibility is often an issue for communication devices and equipment. Since Interquartz have broad range of product compatibilities, this is not an issue that users will have a problem with.

Dial the Australia wide 1300 088 088 to order your own Interquartz Hotline Phones