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Commander Vision

Commander Vision

Commander Vision is a phone system that features maximum of 8 PSTN lines or 4 ISDN Basic rate lines, and 18 phone extensions. Due to its incredible flexibility, the system can be easily connected to ISDN, PSTN, or Analogue devices at any time, including cordless phones. It also boasts a lot of features that different businesses and industries can take advantage of.

The Commander Vision, much like all communication systems from Commander, is modular in construction. This means that the system is flexible and can easily be expanded through the addition of system expansion cards, giving users the opportunity to take advantage of the entire system at its maximum performance. Since its phone system is a hybrid PABX/key-system that can easily operate with standard telephones, approved ISDN devices, or system keystations. This flexibility is another best thing about the Commander Vision.

Some of its excellent features include the following:

  • Simple-to-use, Intuitive, and Menu-driven Interface
  • Large Display Area
  • Maintenance Capability
  • Remote Access

There are display keys that activate the features and facilities of the phone system displayed on the large display area. With the use of the keystation, any features could be activated, which helps users save time because of its convenience.

Commander Vision is an excellent communication device from the company that supported thousands of Australian businesses in the industry for at least 30 years, Commander. With phone systems, handsets, solutions, and services to offer, the company has managed to help a lot of individuals and their businesses towards success. And you can be one of those individuals currently enjoying their success.

Please dial Australia wide 1300 088 088to use Commander Vision for your business!