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EnGenius SP9228PRO Cordless Phone (Multiple Lines)

EnGenius Durafon SP9228PRO Cordless telephone, EnGenius Durafon SN902 Cordless phone

EnGenius Durafon SP9228PRO Extra Long Range Cordless Phones

EnGenius Durafon SP9228PRO Cordless Phone is the longest range industrial cordless phone available in Australia, with up to 10km range. It is over 8 times more powerful than most digital cordless phones and is built tough for use in a variety of situations. The EnGenius SP9228PRO is suitable for both home and business applications, including rural properties, warehouses, nurseries, construction sites etc. Furthermore EnGenius Durafon SP9228PRO Cordless Phone is often used for extra distance needed for farms, high rise buildings, factories, motels, resorts, caravan parks, hospitals, even homes and offices. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 10 km is not unusual for Durafon in rural areas. It is very simple to install - all you require is a phone line and a power point! The EnGenius SP9228PRO can have up to 9 handsets on each base unit, and can be expanded with extra base units. The handsets can also communicate with each other as 2-way radios.

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