AVAYA Phones

Avaya Phones

Avaya has been recognized time and time again in the telecommunication industry because of the innovative products and solutions that the company has introduced in all of its years of existence. The company is capable of catering to a lot of issues and needs that a business have when it comes to communication. More than that though, their products also cater to other process involved in a business’ operations, including the following:

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Contact Centre Services
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Networking

Besides these operational processes and sectors, Avaya is able to produce products and solutions that bring about positive effects on the users. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better engagement between teams, employees, partners, and customers
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Simplified management
  • Enhance rate and efficiency in making critical decisions

Though the company is a popular one in terms of customer and team engagement solutions, Avaya also produced simple products and solutions. And though simple may be misunderstood as “not advanced”, it actually means those products that can cater to the simple needs of businesses. The users of these products only need the basic features of a communication device, which the products are able to deliver without the users having to pay more for it.

One of the things that Avaya often boasts about is its top-notch services. With 28 support centres scattered in 42 countries all over the world, catering to 16 languages and around 2 million customer service requests every year, the company is a very productive and customer-centred one.

Call the Australia wide 1300 088 088 for the price of these excellent Avaya phones!

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AVAYA Phones

Avaya IP Phone 9611G (700480593) Avaya 9504 Digital Phone (700500206) Avaya 9508 Digital Phone (700500207) Avaya 9608 IP Phone (700480585)
Our price: AUD$ 546.88
RRP price: AUD$ 764.32 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 261.66
RRP price: AUD$ 320.58 save 18%
Our price: AUD$ 479.25
RRP price: AUD$ 669.82 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 396.21
RRP price: AUD$ 553.76 save 28%
Avaya 9621G IP Phone (700480601) Avaya 9641G IP Phone (700480627) Avaya B149 Analog Conference Phone (700501533) Avaya B159 Analog Conference Phone (700501530)
Our price: AUD$ 769.90
RRP price: AUD$ 1076.02 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 811.42
RRP price: AUD$ 1134.06 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 1143.69
RRP price: AUD$ 1207.01 save 5%
Our price: AUD$ 1373.05
RRP price: AUD$ 1449.06 save 5%
Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone (700501532) Nortel IP Phone 1120E (NTYS03) / AVAYA (NEW) Nortel Networks Model i2004 ip phones / AVAYA (NEW) Avaya 1403 Digital Phone (700469927)
Our price: AUD$ 1293.05
RRP price: AUD$ 1807.19 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 687.82
RRP price: AUD$ 961.32 save 28%
Our price: AUD$ 390.00
RRP price: AUD$ 450.00 save 13%
Our price: AUD$ 180.39
RRP price: AUD$ 225.48 save 20%
Avaya 1408 Digital Phone (700469851) Avaya 1416 Digital Phone (700469869) Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone (700445968) Avaya 1603SW-I IP Display Phone (700458524)
Our price: AUD$ 278.53
RRP price: AUD$ 348.17 save 20%
Our price: AUD$ 448.84
RRP price: AUD$ 509.00 save 12%
Our price: AUD$ 160.00
Our price: AUD$ 224.15
RRP price: AUD$ 280.19 save 20%
Avaya 1608-I IP Phone (700458532) Avaya 1616 IP Phone Avaya 9620C IP Phone (700461205) Avaya 9620L IP Phone (700461197)
Our price: AUD$ 291.80
RRP price: AUD$ 364.75 save 20%
Our price: AUD$ 301.85
RRP price: AUD$ 325.28 save 7%
Our price: AUD$ 630.14
RRP price: AUD$ 819.95 save 23%
Our price: AUD$ 525.42
RRP price: AUD$ 683.71 save 23%
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