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Call Center Headsets

business headset for office desk phone, telephone headset

Enhance your productivity and maximise your comfort with a standard or wireless headset solution. Headset technology has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of line crackle, poor reception or low battery levels affecting the quality of your calls. Once you make the switch to a headset, you’ll never want to pick up a handset again! telephone headset Ergonomic Benefits, Ergonomic headset

Consider the following benefits of a headset:

  • Freedom from your desk whilst on a call
  • Answer calls away from your desk (no more hallway sprinting)
  • Multi-task using both hands (typing, accessing files, note-taking)
  • Volume setting and mute features
  • Touch button to answer/make calls
  • Free up valuable desktop space
  • Maximum comfort without ruining your hair