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National Broadband Network Phone Systems

Is your Business Phone System NBN READY?

Business NBN Phone System

nbn phone system national broadband network



There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the National Broadband Network (NBN), and many businesses are wondering how it will affect them. Put simply, the NBN will provide the infrastructure for reliable and cost-effective high speed internet (100M b/s for download and 40M b/s for upload). Telephone lines and data connections will converge.

The NBN network is being rolled out progressively from region to region, with the existing traditional copper cables being upgraded to fibre optic technology. This will change the way we receive internet connection (replacing ADSL). Once you are connected to the NBN, you will have access to the high speed network.


The National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide 93% of Australian homes, schools and workplaces with high-speed internet and phone access to optical fibre in urban and regional towns.



The NBN aims to improve the way Australian businesses can operate and communicate.

The high speeds available over the NBN could change the way you do business, improving your productivity, giving you better access to new markets and cutting costs on your business phone system, internet and inter-office communication.

  • Help staff to work more effectively online and as you grow your business more people can share the same connection.
  • Take advantage of high-speed internet connectivity to take your business online and connect with customers and partners in a new way.
  • Accessing and sharing data is easy. Introduce cloud computing into your business, with easy collaboration between multiple sites.
  • Stay connected to offices, staff, clients, customers, suppliers and systems from multiple locations.



nbn phone system national broadband network ready

National Broadband Network Business Phone System Installation

Companies in Australia can SAVE $1000's with new Business Phone Systems that improve productivity.

Our NBN READY business phone systems come together with the full 12 month warranty.

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We're the #1 phone system provider in the Australia for some very good reasons:

  • We help you choose the RIGHT phone system for your business
  • Reliable support with over 100 telephone systems technicians / phone system installers
  • We Sell, Install, Repair and Support business phone systems Australia wide.
  • Training available, to help you get the most from your system
  • HUGE Choice of market leading phone systems such as Avaya, Commander, NEC, Cisco .. etc..

We offer a range of National Broadband Network Business Phone systems to suit many business sizes.

User Guide & Tips: Steps to take when choosing a Business telephone system
User Guide & Tips: when choosing a Business telephone system
Small Business Phone System
Small Business NBN Phone System
Medium Business Phone System
Medium Business NBN Phone System
Large Business Phone System
Large Business NBN Phone System
Corporate Business Phone System
Corporate Business NBN Phone System


New National Broadband Network Business Phone System Benefits

NBN Phone systems benefit a variety organisations

Here are just some:

  • Schools - Improve communications for staff and parents with better call handling, SMS notifications and home working
  • Insurance companies - Be better connected with your customers and employees by creating customer hotlines and enabling flexible working for your staff on the road
  • Financial advisors - Increase business opportunities via out-of-hours calling and update customers about appointments, investments or financial news in real time.

NBN Business Phone System Upgrades

Already got a phone system? Let us help you switch

As well as being the number one business telephone system provider in the Australia, there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider TelephonesOnline.com.au Business as your communications partner:Switch Phone System

  • We can sort all your lines, networks and cabling: A single communications supplier can save you time and money, leaving you to focus on your business
  • We have a variety of finance options available -all the benefits of the right system, right now
  • Reliable support with over 100 telephone system technicians / phone system installers
  • Choice of market leading phone systems
  • Training available, to help you get the most from your system


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