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IQ 331, Telephone including Handsfree - Headset telephone with 10 memories and Message wait light (CREAM)

IQ 331, Telephone including Handsfree - Headset telephone with 10 memories and Message wait light (CREAM)
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IQ 331, Telephone including Handsfree- Headset Telephone with 10 Memories and Message Wait Light (CREAM)

The Interquartz IQ331 Hands-free Headset Phone is one of the proofs of the manufacturer that it remains loyal to its philosophy in providing the market with excellently made communication products at competitive prices, giving customers with limited budget the chance to be able to make use of an excellent communication system in order to improve the operations of their transactions.

Interquartz IQ331 is also a phone handset that is being endorsed by the government. Besides the government though, there are several more industries that the company cater to. Some of which are:Hotel and Hospitality Industry • Educational and Financial Sectors • SOHO • Corporate and Industrial Sectors • Small Enterprises

This simple communication device is available in two colours: Black and Cream. In addition to that, included in the product is a 5-year warranty worth of communication parts and labour.

Excellent Features of the Interquartz IQ331 Analogue Phone

The Interquartz IQ331 analogue phone is hearing aid compatible and has a noise-cancelling handset microphone in order to avoid external noises and to be able to have better communication. It also sports modular connection for easy installation on the desk or wall. Some of the features the device provides are the following:

  • 3 Position Ringer Volume Switch
  • 10 One Touch Memory Keys
  • 100mS/600mS Recall Key (Call Waiting Compatible)
  • Basic Headset Compatibility through Polarity Switch
  • Message Waiting Lamp
  • Pause Keys
  • Pulse Dialling/Switchable Tone
  • Redial Keys
  • Ringer Lamp
  • Ringer Pitch Control
  • Save Key (Saves the last dialled number)

More Information: The REN feature is also available. REN=0.68 and allows the use of multiple parallel devices.


Simply dial tInterested? Call Australia wide 1300 088 088 for an inquiry.

About Interquartz

In the 30 years that Interquartz has been existing in the Australian telecommunication industry that it has gathered that much worth of experience and information inside the industry and the markets it belonged to. Because of this, the company is able to provide its customers and the entire market with the most efficient and effective communication devices. And since the company is an expert when it comes to various PABX brands and exchange equipment used in the industry, Interquartz is able to help of a lot of organizations and businesses in several industries.

Interquarts has continuously improved the quality of their products throughout the years. The company has been using a unique kind of plastic that helps in making sure that the entire product can last for a very long time. This ultra violet stable plastic allows the product’s colour not to fade or crack even if the usage is intense. This is of course in addition to the double injection moulded keys and silicon rubber feet.

About Telephonesonline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a company that knows the right values to prioritize. This is one of the main factors why the company has remained at the top of the field and have a lot of customers to cater to. Considered as the largest online store in Australia, the company has been working hard to provide only the best to its customers for the past 20 years.

The first thing that Telephonesonline promises its customers is that the company won’t waste their time. This is apparent through the existence of the customisation offer of the company. The company seriously talks with its customers in order to know what their communication needs are and from then comes up with exact and excellent package, which bring us to the second value of the company- its customers above all else.

Telephonesonline shows its concern and special treatment to its customers by listening and dealing with their queries and complaints.

Find out more about the company and its products by visiting its official site: Telephonesonline.com.au.


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