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EXTRA DISTANCE LONG Range Cordless-Engenius SN902 Phone-Range 10 KM, Industrial Cordless Phone System-Up to 9 portable Radio long range phones

Engenius Long Range Cordless

SN902 Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System

  1 Line + 9 Extensions

"We are five miles from home, and I get absolutely crystal clear reception"

Ideal for farms, factories, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nurseries, hospitals, homes and offices where a long range cordless phone would come in handy!.


  • Engenius Long Range Phone SN902  
  • Engenius Long Distance Phone SP922 (4 PSTN lines per base unit)  

    EnGenius produced the first industrial long range cordless phone and now, they've introduced the first rugged industrial long range wireless phone. The NEW EnGenius Durafon is an industrial long range cordless telephone with up to 5 miles (8 km) range in open terrain and up to 12 floors of penetration in office buildings. In warehouse environments, you can have up to 250,000 square feet of coverage. Outdoors on farms, ranches, car lots or college campuses, coverage is up to 3,000 acres.
    Long Range Cordless Phones, Engenius 4 Cordless Handsets and System "10 KM Long Range"


    • 2-way radio, independent of the base unit. (handset to handset)  
    • Expandable System (multiple base units and handsets)  
    • Call Manager (receive calls or transfer calls)
    • Broadcast function (announcement to all handsets or a group of handsets)
    • Caller ID with Call Waiting (stores 30 calls)
    • Long Range (Upto 8 km)  
    • 30 name/number speed dial
    • Hearing aid compatible
    • Optional high gain outdoor antenna
    • Durable splashproof water resistant housing  
    • SMS (messages handset to handset)
    • Change battery while call is on hold
    • Headset socket
    • Belt clip
    • Call transfer (announced or unannounced)
    • 8 hours talk time & 30 hours standby time
    • Key guard (prevents accidental dialling)
    • Call timer
    • 30 Name/Number speed dial directory
    • Auto power management
    • Call hold
    • Mute/Flash/Last number redial
    • Receive signal strength indicator
    • 6 level volume control
    • Touch any key to answer
    • 2-level key tone volume
    • Low battery alarm and display
    • 4-selectable key tones

    Expandable System Design

    Aristel EnGenius Durafon SN902 is flexible. Each base unit can support up to 9 handsets. Each handset can be registered with up to 4 base units (1 line per base unit) making for a total maximum of 36 handsets. Additional handsets are available separately.

    For even more exspansion, the Engenius SP922 Durafon can support up to 4 PSTN lines per base unit, and can support up to a maximum 90 phone handsets.


  • sn902 long range industrial cordless phone system - great for industrial - commercial sites - wineries - farming - best described as "cordless phone on steriods"
  • 2-Way Radio

    2-Way Radio communication between handsets - independent of the base unit, which wont tie up the phone line.



    Long Range

    engenius sn902 long range Cordless Phone

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