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IQ 335 Telephone Caller ID Display + 120 name & number memories, 20 shortcut keys & Message wait light (Black)

IQ 335 Telephone Caller ID Display + 120 name & number memories, 20 shortcut keys & Message wait light (Black)
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IQ 335 Telephone Caller ID Display + 120 Name & Number Memories, 20 Shortcut Keys & Message Wait Light (Black)

Interquartz is a telecommunications company that offer communication system in a lot of industries. One of the products that can be used in any business and industry is the Interquartz IQ335 Phone. The device can store up to 120 name and number memories, where you can use the 20 on the list for the shortcut keys. Some of the industries that could benefit the most from the use of this product are the following:

  • Corporate and Industrial Sectors
  • Educational and Health Industries
  • Financial Sectors
  • Hotel and Hospitality Industry
  • Government Sectors
  • Small Offices and Home Offices or SOHO
  • Small Enterprises/Businesses



Main Advantages of Using Interquartz IQ335 Analogue Phone

There are three main reasons why businesses should choose the Interquartz IQ335 Analogue Phone. And these are:

All Interquartz productsare made from a special kind of plastic known as ultra violet stable plastic. This specific type of material helps in making sure that the products last for many years without having cracks or the colour of the unit fading. This also means that the products is excellent for heady duty use.

All the numbers integrated in the unit are double injection moulded keys. This means that the numbers will also not fade, in addition to the entire unit itself. The keypads are also made sure to be moulded into the buttons.

Interquartz IQ335 phone has an expensive silicon rubber feet. This is to make sure that users do not have to experience the handset sliding from the table, however long the cord is stretched.

  • Thick and High Quality Plastic
  • Double Injection Moulded Keys
  • Silicon Rubber Feet


Interquartz IQ335 Phone Features to Use

Other excellent features that the Interquartz IQ335 Phone have are the following:

  • 80 Name and Number Incoming Caller List
  • 120 Name and Number Memories- 20 are Shortcut Keys
  • Acoustic Shock Protection (Headset and Handset)
  • Caller ID Display with On-screen Message Waiting
  • Data Port
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Headset Support- Suits Many Headset Models from Different Vendors
  • Pre-programmable Memories- to store network feature codes
  • Supports Caller ID Call Waiting or CIDCW
  • Volume Control for Headset and Handset Earpiece
  • Three Year Parts and Labour Warranty


Headset Savvy Features Users Can Take Advantage Of

Savvy headsets could be connected to the Interquartz IQ335 phone. And the features of the headset includes the following:

  • Headset Mic Mute Key
  • Trainee/Supervisor Double Jacking Mode
  • Headset Microphone Adjustment
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch
  • Auto Detect Circuitry
  • Built-in Headset Amplifier
  • Smooth Transition of Call Modes
  • Silent Ringing Mode


The Australia wide 1300 088 088 Hotline can be contacted for more information!

About Interquartz

Been existing for over 30 years since it has been established in 1981, Interquartz Pty Ltd is a privately-owned company in Australia that owns the rights to all the products under the names Interquartz, IQTEL, and IQ. Under these names, more than a million of products have been produced and sold to over 5,000 government and business customers in the country. The years that the company has existed in the industry gave way to the development and innovation of high quality core products. Some of which are the following:

  • Analogue Desk Phones
  • Analogue IP Cordless Telephones
  • IP Telephones
  • IP Cordless Telephones


Currently, Interquartz is the most experienced independent supplier in Australia of analogue telephones. And besides the core products, the company also offers non-core and third party products like the following:

  • Industrial Ringers and Sounders
  • Gigaset Cordless Telephones
  • Panasonic Cordless Telephones
  • Plantronics Headsets
  • Polycom Audio Conference Products
  • RTX Telecom Cordless Products
  • Uniden Cordless Telephones


About TelephonesOnline

When it comes to the Telecommunications industry and the Australian market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is one of the best. Being the top company in the industry, the company is a well-known company that provides an extensive portfolio of communication products. From simple handsets to complex phone systems, from pre-owned and refurbished telephony products to new and high tech ones, the company can provide any communication need you may have. This also means that the company can cover the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

Telephonesonline offers only the best and ensures that the customers can only have the best through its policy of “No Compromise on Quality”. Through this specific policy, the company is able to provide only high quality communication products. And the company also believes that customers only believe top-notch quality at least.

In order to know more about the products the company offers, visit Telephonesonline.com.au right now.

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