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Polycom Soundstation2 Conference Phone non-expandable (without display)

Polycom Soundstation2 Conference Phone non-expandable (without display)
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Conference phone polycom soundstation
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Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone Non-expandable (Without Display)

The Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone, non-expandable and without display, is the ideal communication device to be installed in small to mid-sized conference rooms. Since it provides users with natural-sounding two-way conversation through its full duplex technology, it is a device to rely on when in need of smooth and more stable communication line.


More Information on Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone


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  • Phone Type:
Conference Phone (Non-expandable & w/o Display)
  • Colour:

Note: Other models under the Polycom SoundStation2 product line include SoundStation2 (Non-expandable with display) and SoundStation2 (expandable with display)


This Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone may not be expandable and may not have a display but it is a perfect device to ease into a high-performing teleconferencing.

Polycom SoundStation2 has a remarkable voice quality, setting the standard for everyday conferencing, not only in the market but in the entire industry. This is most especially because the conference phone is a level up from its predecessor. Compared to the Polycom SoundStation, this more updated model even have more sensitivity than the award-winning SoundStation.

Know more about this model of Polycom SoundStation2 by calling Australia wide 1300 088 088.


Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone Features to Take Advantage of
  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology for remarkable voice quality
  • 10-foot (3.5-meter) microphone pickup range
  • Resists interference from mobile phones
  • Easy to install and use
  • Remarkable voice quality
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction or DNR- provides maximum microphone sensitivity and reduces distracting background and room noise
  • 360-degree Microphone Coverage- allows the speaker closest to the microphone to only be heard for crystal clear conferencing
  • Redial
  • Mute
  • Transfer
  • Hold

About Polycom

Established in the year 1990 focused on communication and collaboration solutions, Polycom has been transforming simple communication devices to essential business tool for years. The company’s full effort and successful innovation in improving human collaboration brought it to its present position at the top of the industry. In fact, these more than 2 decades of operation became the company’s groundwork in producing 950 technology patents.

Polycom is a manufacturer of content, video, and voice collaboration devices and solutions. It can cater to enterprises and industries of all sizes and shapes. Operating around the world and distributing products and solutions globally, Polycom has over 3,800 employees working under the management and helping the company with all of their operations in the countries. And it aids businesses and enterprises accelerate innovation in the industry and market, and defy distance like no other that could even increase productivity and provide better customer service for them.

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