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Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution

Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution
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Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution

Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution is an all-in-one bundle that offers all the necessary products and accessories in order to fully support the entre communication foundation. Showcasing top-notch audio clarity, this bundle is inclusive of the following products:

  • Yealink W60P Wireless Solution
  • Yealink W60B Base Station
  • Yealink W56H Handset

This Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution is the perfect choice for users in need of on-the-go type of communication, considering its wireless freedom and the battery durability it offers. With high-performance SIP cordless phone system, the base station connected to the solution can support up to 8 concurrent calls, 8 DECT cordless handsets, and 8 VoIP Accounts. It also promises incredible audio quality through the integration of the Opus audio codec and TLS and SRTP security encryption, making it an excellent noise reduction system.

Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution has exceptional hands-free talking through its Yealink W56H Handset, along with the integration of the HD Voice technology. It supports up to 30 hours of talk time and 400 hours standby time, as well as showcasing quick USB charging feature. It has 2.4-inch 240 x 320 coloured screen that features intuitive user interface, together with elegant keypad design.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Yealink
  • Product Type: Wireless DECT Solution
  • Colour: Black & Silver
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Talk Time: Up to 30 Hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 400 Hours
  • Charging Time: 10 Min for 2-hour Talk Time

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Yealink W60-PKG Wireless DECT Solution Top Features

  • 2.4-inch 240 x 320 Coloured Screen with Intuitive User Interface
  • Charger Wall-mountable
  • Up to 8 VoIP Accounts
  • Up to 8 DECT Cordless Handsets
  • Up to 8 Concurrent Calls
  • Headset Connectivity: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Opus Audio Codec Support
  • Noise Reduction System
  • TLS & SRTP Security Encryption
  • Advanced Li-ion Battery
  • Quick Charging Technology
  • AMR Codec Support
  • Exceptional Hands-free Operation
  • Elegant Keypad Design (With Illumination & Keypad Lock)
  • HD Voice Technology

About Yealink

Yealink is a Chinese telecommunications company that can accommodate the UC (Unified Communications) and collaboration requirements and preferences of customers of all types in the global market. In fact, it is able to support gigantic corporations and institutions, as well as popular telecom carriers in more than 140 regions and countries all over the world.

Yealink started its operations in the year 2001 and from there, has been industrious in its efforts in expanding its knowledge and improving its operations to be a better developer and manufacturer in the telecommunications industry. With all its efforts, it became the leading Chinese brand in the western market and the second largest SIP telephones supplier in the global market.

Yealink ensures that all products and solutions offered by the company are able to meet international quality standards. This is proven by the company being able to obtain major international certificates, including CE, FCC, and 3C.

About TelephonesOnline

Named to be one of the largest telecommunications company in the Australian market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd owns an extensive product portfolio of pre-owned, brand new, second-hand, and refurbished communication products, solutions, and systems. This portfolio is the product of over two (2) decades of market research on customer demands and market trends.

Telephonesonline takes pride in its 20 years of experience catering to customers’ needs and preferences, which in the process also develops and improves its operations to be a better provider and wholesaler for all types of customers in the market. It can showcase affordable phone devices and solutions that small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small offices/home offices (SoHos) are looking for. At the same time, the company also uses the same portfolio to provide to the more demanding requirements of government sectors, private organisations, and large corporations, which includes the latest and most advanced telecommunications systems and technologies offered in the market today.

Talk to our company experts more about this product by calling our hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088 today!
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