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Nortel Networks Model M3905 business phones

Nortel Networks Model  M3905 business phones
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Nortel Networks M3905 phone
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Nortel Networks Model M3905 Business Phones

The Nortel Networks Model M3905 Business Phone is a call centre telephone with a multi-line digital design. This communication device addresses the specialised needs of the demanding tasks of call centre agents and supervisors.

The phone includes a direct-connect headset jack for both agents and supervisors, allowing evaluation of calls to be completed efficiently and without any difficulty. This is through the supervisor port installed in the M3905 that works in conjunction with the Supervisor Observe button that allows them to listen in on active call or listen and talk whenever necessary.

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Specialised Call Centre Features of the M3905 Phone

The Nortel Networks M3905 is a call centre phone that supports up to two snap-in cartridge accessories for the following:

  • Analog Terminal Adapter or ATA
  • External Alerter and Recording Inferface
  • Personal Directory PC Utility

The M9305 phone can also be added with the full duplex hands-free accessory through the phase 3 M3904 or with the Computer Telephony Interface or CTI adapter through the Meridian 1. Some of the features it takes pride in includes the following:

  • Multi-line Digital Phone (Supports up to 7 lines)
  • LCD Display: 4-line x 24 Character
  • 6 ACD Feature Keys with LED
  • Interactive Soft Keys (For quick access to numerous features)
  • Dual Headset Jacks
  • Supervisor Observe Key (Talk/Listen or Listen Only)
  • Handset (Optional)


Some of the features which are installed in the keys are:

  • Headset
  • Emergency
  • Make Busy
  • Not Ready
  • Supervisor
  • In-calls


In stock: $80

In stock: $40


About Nortel Networks

A popular leader in next-generation communications and technologies, Nortel Networks goes by its philosophy of Business Made Simple through the existence of the company’s products and services. Been operating in the industry since 1895 and headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Nortel is a telecommunications company that pushes businesses and users towards success by creating a strong and stable network that will allow them access to information they need whenever they need them. Most of the products and solutions of the company are designed to support multimedia and business-critical applications capable of eliminating possible difficulties and obstacles in the improvement of enterprise operations’ efficiency and performance.

Nortel Networks, all throughout the years it has existed in the telecommunications company, was able to involve itself in the market of over 150 countries worldwide. In addition to the countries, it was also able to ally itself with leading corporations in the industry including Microsoft Corporation and Dell.

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