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Nortel Networks Model M3904 business phones

Nortel Networks Model M3904 business phones
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Nortel Networks M3904 phone
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Nortel Networks Model M3904 Business Phones

The Nortel Networks Model M3904 Business Phone is a professional telephone that is capable of supporting up to 12 lines through its multi-line functionality. The communication device is integrated with features that could provide enhancements compared to other phones offered by the company. One of which is the fact that the phone offers the largest display in its class. Other excellent features that the phone has include Call Log, Personal Directory and other user selectable options.

M3904 Business Phone supports Personal Directory PC Utility, which allows users to create a directory of a maximum of 100 names and have them downloaded to the phone. Phase 3 of the M3904 also supports the full duplex hands-free option, in addition to the new full duplex hands-free accessory, making it easily snap into the Accessory Connection Module.


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Phone Features of the Nortel Networks M3904 Professional PhoneYou Can Take Advantage Of
  • Multi-line Functionality
  • LCD Screen: 24 Characters x 5 Lines
  • Personal Directory
  • Call Log
  • Direct-connect Headset Port
  • Interactive Soft Keys*
  • Fixed Feature Keys
  • Supports up to 2 snap-in cartridge accessories**



(*) For quick access to numerous features

(**) For the ATA or Analog Terminal Adapter, External Alerter& Recording Interface, and Personal Directory PC Utility, as well as be able to add the full duplex hands-free accessory (ONLY for M3904) or the Computer Telephony Interface Adapter (ONLY for Meridian 1)

In Stock: $80

In Stock: $40


About Nortel Networks

A recognised frontrunner in providing business communication capabilities to enterprises and institutions, Nortel Networks works with one principle at hand, “Business Made Simple”. Using this philosophy, the company was able to develop enterprise networks capable of supporting multimedia and business-critical applications pushing customers towards their maximum capabilities improving their productivity. Another important goal of the company is to develop technologies that will have the power to eliminate the difficulties and barriers people have in the efficiency and performance of users and enterprises. The company also aims to simply networks in order to easily and seamless connect users to abundant information necessary.

Nortel Networks was created in 1895 with its current headquarters located in Ontario Canada. Throughout its years of existence, the company was able to collaborate with over 150 countries all over the world and operate efficiently there. The company was even able to create strong alliance with tech leaders including Microsoft Corporation and Dell.


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