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Nortel Networks Model M3902 business phones

Nortel Networks Model M3902 business phones
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Nortel Networks M3902 phone
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Nortel Networks Model M3902 Business Phones

The Nortel Networks Model M3902 Business Phone is especially structured for light telephone usage. This is what makes the communication device ideal to be installed in the following locations:

  • Manufacturing Environments
  • Warehouses
  • Business Environments


Nortel M3902 is an entry telephone with a display-based interface and hands-free capability to the single-line phone. What makes this business phone a powerful communication tool are its features, including its user-selectable options, “Smart” mute feature, and its self-labelling keys. It is even capable of increasing its capabilities by supporting a cartridge accessory in order to add new capabilities and features.

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Nortel Networks Model M3902 Business Phone Features
  • Display: 2-line x 24 Characters
  • Interactive Soft keys for Quick Feature Access
  • Hands-free Key with LED
  • Supports Amplified Headsets and One Snap-in Cartridge Accessory*
  • Six Featured Keys: Options, Message, Transfer, Goodbye, Hold, “Smart” Mute with LED


(*) For Analog Terminal Adapter or External Alerter& Recording Interface


In stock: $80

In stock: $40


About Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks has been operating for a lot of years under the telecommunications industry. It was able to cater to more than 150 countries as its market and helped businesses in those countries improve their productivity in their operations. With more than 70,000 employees who worked in all of the company’s offices around the world, the company was able to cater to the communication and networking needs of customers.

Businesses from all over the world are supported in designing, building and integrating communication products to their specific advanced digital systems and networks. More than just businesses, the company also cater to internet service providers, private and public institutions, cable television companies, and cellular mobile and PCS communications companies.

Also known before as the Northern Electric Company, Limited, Nortel Networks is an expert in developing high performing internet more reliable and efficient than others existing in the market.It has redefined internet economics and networking quality throughout the years.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years through the help of the internet. The company has its website as its main distribution channel since customers simply need to visit the website and check out their preferred products and services. From there, the company would deliver the chosen product to the customers wherever they may be in the country.

More than just an efficient telephony supplier, Telephonesonline is also considered as the biggest wholesaler of refurbished, second-hand, and pre-owned business communication devices and systems. The company has an extensive product portfolio in refurbished condition, including the following popular brands:


Alcatel ● Cisco ● Coral Tadiran Telecom ● Fujitsu ● Avaya ● Commander ● Ericsson ● LG Aria ● Nortel ● Samsung ●Hybrex● NEC ● Panasonic


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