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Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone

Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone
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Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone

Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone is a highly innovative executive IP phone that is equipped with the necessary standard codecs, in order to effectively function. Its codecs also gives way to more advanced HD voice that helps create a stable and smooth communication environment.

The Aristel IP300 VoIP Phone possesses unrivalled features and functionalities. Structured with a user-friendly interface, users can easily learn how to use this communication device and make the most out of the features and capabilities it is installed with. It also has an elegant and stylish design that makes the phone pleasing to look at.


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VoIP Phone
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Call Australia wide 1300 088 088 and learn more about this executive VoIP phone!


Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone Product Specifications
  • TI Titan chipset 320 x 160 graphic LCD
  • HD voice: HD Codec HD speaker HD handset
  • 6 accounts 48 keys including 16 programmable keys
  • 2 x LAN ,Headset PoE (802.3 AF) Expansion module
  • SMA Voicemail distinctive ringtone
  • HD Voice with wideband codec G.722
  • Voice Codecs :G711,G729ab, g726,G723.1,GSM iLBC
  • XML Phonebook ,Localised language
  • TRO69,FTP/TFTP,HTTP, PnP Auto -provision



Excellent Features of Aristel IP300 Series VoIP Phone
  • Hi-definition Audio
  • 6-way Conference Call Facility
  • 4 Soft Keys that Increase Working Efficiency
  • Up to 6 SIP Accounts- Direct on Handset
  • 48 Buttons/16 Programmable Keys
  • Intercom
  • SMS and Voicemail
  • Headphone Jack
  • Optional DSS Expansion Module
  • Auto Provisioning
  • SV Power over Ethernet
  • Red and Green LED’s
  • Optional: 38-button DSS Expansion Module


About Aristel

Established in 1993, Aristel is one of the leading suppliers of business phone communications systems and devices. The company takes pride in setting new standards in the market and industry when it comes to functionality and features, as well as flexibility. This is most especially applicable to the company’s DV and AV digital control phone systems. These systems can by fully and easily upgraded as the user’s business expands, offering extreme flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Through this feature, users can also easily add their handset choice and features in order to be have a communication system compatible to the business’ needs. And the great thing about the handsets the come with the system is that they are varied and have specific target budget.

Aristel does not only operate in one country but also deal with product distribution to more than 40 countries all over the world. The company’s devices are not simple making and answering calls but also features like fax machines, alarm sensors, door phones, voicemail, modems, and door latches.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian wholesaler and supplier of communication products that can be used, both for household and professional uses. More than that, the company also offers both brand new and second-hand products, giving its customers the chance to use more advanced features at more affordable prices. This choice will be excellent for small businesses with limited budget allotted for their communication system and environment.

More than just a simple supplier of phone products, Telephonesonline is also known as the biggest supplier of pre-owned, refurbished, and second-hand phone systems and handsets in Australia. It offers an extensive product portfolio of items in the same condition, including popular brands like Alcatel, Cisco, Coral Tadiran Telecom, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic, Avaya, Commander, Ericsson, LG Aria, Nortel, and Samsung. More than these products, the company also offers advanced communication offers like IP and VoIP phone systems.

To make a quote inquiry, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088
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