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Telephone Technicians Test butinski tool, Linesman’s Test Telephone with 2-way hands-free speaker, adjustable volume switch, line polarity check and monitor talk switch.

Telephone Technicians Test butinski tool, Linesman’s Test Telephone with 2-way hands-free speaker, adjustable volume switch, line polarity check and monitor talk switch.
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Telephone Technician’s Test Butinski Tool, Linesman’s Test Telephone with 2-way Speaker, Adjustable Volume Switch, Line Polarity Check, and Monitor Talk Switch

Known as linesman test phone, technician test phone, tech test phone butt phone, and butt test phone, the Telemaster Technician’s Test Telephone comes with the Butinski Line Test Telephone Tool. With the dimensions: 260 mm (L), 70 mm (W), 89 mm (H), and 560 g (Weight), this phone has excellent features that will be highly beneficial for all types of testing necessary.


Linesman Test Phone Tool Package includes:


  • Test Telephone
  • Test Clips
  • Modular Coupler
  • IDC Test Cord
  • Battery

User Manual

Click here to download PDF Test Telephone Tool Manual




Testing Telephone Tool Specifications:


  • Loop Limit 2KΩ max at 48V DC (nominal 20mA minimum loop current)
  • DC Resistance 300Ω typical (Talk mode)
  • Monitor Impedance 39KΩ nominal at 1KHz
  • Rotary Dial Output Pulse Rate 10pps 0.8pps
  • Percent Break 61% 2%
  • Interdigital Pause 1000mS typical
  • Leakage During Break >50K
  • DTMF Output Tone Frequency Error 1.2% maximum
  • Tone level +8 2dBm combined (typical)
  • High/Low Tone Difference 4dB maximum
  • Memory Dialling Memory Capacity 12 memories plus LNR
  • Digit Capacity 16 digits per memory
  • PBX Pause 4 seconds
  • Monitor Amplifier Transistor
  • Power Source 9V battery provides 25 hours continuous use (typical)
  • Speaker levels Low, Medium, High
  • Auto Power Shut-off After 5 minutes of no audio signal
  • Environmental Temperature Range Operating +50°C max
  • Storage -40°C to +66°C
  • Altitude To 3,000 Metres


Know more about this top-notch communication packagethrough Australia wide 1300 088 088.


Features of the Technician’s Test Telephone
  • 12 Memory Storage
  • Battery Saving Operation
  • Belt Clip
  • Cat # T0111-002
  • High Impedance Coupling
  • Last Number Redial
  • LED Line Polarity Monitoring
  • Mute Switch
  • PABX Pause Button
  • Speakerphone
  • Tone/Pulse Dialling
  • Volume Control


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