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SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (White)

SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (White)
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SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (White)

SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (White) is a communication accessory that compatible with the SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones. This lanyard is normally connected to the phone’s case in order for users to be able to wear it and keep the device close to them without any danger for the phone to fall down or get lost while working. It has durable structure and can take the weight of the device with ease.

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: Shoulder Lanyard
  • Colour: White
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones
  • Note: Colour on the image is different from actual product

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16 Exceptional Advantages of Using SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones

  1. Reliable & Durable to Use
  2. Structured to Cater to the Needs for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, & Hospitality Mobile Workers
  3. Dependable to Improve Communication & Collaboration
  4. Consists of Four (4) Models & Two (2) Form Factors
  5. Offers Superior Resistance to Dust & Liquids
  6. Showcases Ease of Use & Seamless VoWi-Fi Roaming
  7. Provides Users the Familiar Smartphone Feel
  8. Incorporates Dual-mode Camera/Barcode Scanner
  9. Allows Seamless Switching from Camera to Scanner Mode
  10. Offers Flexible Selection of Buttons
  11. Easily Removable & Rechargeable Batteries
  12. Delivers Advanced Application & Workflow Integration
  13. Designed to Last for Several Years
  14. Easily Upgradeable for Software Features
  15. Leverages Powerful Mobile Application Platform
  16. Operates with Unrivalled Durability

About SpectraLink

SpectraLink is an American telecommunication company that has become popular by supporting mobile workers in manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries. The company excellently provides cost-effective and secured mobile communication products and solutions that can help companies and organisations in increasing return on investments and revenues, improving worker efficiency and productivity, and empowering enterprises’ streamlined operations.

SpectraLink started its operations in the year 1990 when it was founded and invented the first purpose-built mobile devices for US in-building employees. From there, the company has focused and devoted its operations in empowering mobile workers through its product portfolio, which is considered as the most efficient in-building communications portfolio in the telecommunications industry. More than that, the company was also even able to deploy millions of devices all over the world.

SpectraLink operates in the global market with its major headquarters located in Boulder, Colorado, along with various international offices worldwide, including in Horsens, Denmark and Bracknell, United Kingdom.

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