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SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (Black)

SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (Black)
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SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (Black)

SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (Black) is a tool used together with the SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones in order to secure the device close to the users for easy and faster access whenever needed. This makes the product perfect for mobile workers who need to be on constant movement when working yet at the same time needs to be connected all the time.

SpectraLink PIVOT Shoulder Lanyard (Black) is normally connected to a silicone case that snugly fits the phone, and both accessories are guaranteed to be highly durable in construction.

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: Shoulder Lanyard
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones

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11 Top-notch Features of SpectraLink PIVOT Smartphones

  1. Instantly Familiar Smartphone-like Features
  2. Integration with the Following:
    • Android & XML Applications
    • Google Mobile Services: Google Applications Including Google Play
  3. Automatic Screen Orientation
  4. Over-the-air Management & Update Capabilities
  5. Interoperates with the Following:
    • Business Applications
    • WLAN Infrastructure
    • Telephone System
  6. Damage-resistant Dragontrail Glass
  7. Large Backlit Coloured Touch-screen Display
  8. Complementary Products:
    • Wi-Fi Communication Accessories
    • CSI (Call Service Integrators) Program
    • AIMS (Application Integration & Management Solvers) Program
  9. Full Keyboard
  10. Ergonomic & User-friendly Design
  11. Seamless VoWi-Fi Roaming & Durability

About SpectraLink

Currently headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, SpectraLink is an incredible telecommunications company the takes the lead in the enterprise mobility market. The company offers the most deployed wireless solutions in the telecommunications industry, which has been designed to specifically cater to particular sectors and industries, including:

Mission-critical Healthcare ● Retail ● Manufacturing ● Hospitality

SpectraLink dominates the global market and telecommunications industry by delivering mobility with a difference in its products and solutions. The company started out as the innovator of the first purpose-built mobile devices and has continues to focus on supporting mobile workers all over the world. Its expansion is applicable even towards its offers, providing the market with the following products and solutions:

End-to-end Solutions ● Wi-Fi & DECT Mobility Solutions ● Mobility Solutions with Native Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business ● Enterprise Smartphones

SpectraLink operates with the assistance of more than 500 company partners all over the world, along with international offices in Denmark and United Kingdom.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a premium telecommunication company that started its operations over 20 years ago, focusing on the improvement of its expertise in the Australian market and telecommunications industry. This is made possible by spending decades learning as much as possible about market trends and customer demands, in an effort to improve its operations and be able to provide better to its customers.

Telephonesonline is considered one of the biggest online stores in the Australian market, offering wide variety of telecommunications products, solutions, systems, and services. Some of which include the following:

Conference Phones ● Door Phones ● Payphones ● Corded and Cordless Phones ● Long Range Cordless Phone Systems ● Corded and Wireless Headsets ● Spare Phones

Data Cabling ● Line Fixing ● Free Phone Support ● Least Cost Routing with GSM Gateways ● Phone Systems Installation and Relocation

Telephonesonline easily displays it entirely at Telephonesonline.com.au for customers’ convenience.

Purchase this product from the company today! Call Telephonesonline hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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