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SpectraLink KWS6500 Media Resource with Rack Cabinet

SpectraLink KWS6500 Media Resource with Rack Cabinet
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SpectraLink KWS6500 Media Resource with Rack Cabinet

This SpectraLink KWS6500 Media Resource with Rack Cabinet is a bundle that offers both the media resource device and the rack cabinet that supports it in position. This media resource is compatible with the SpectraLink KWS6500 DECT Server that is able to support the communication needs and foundations of several users all at the same time, particularly for those who are operating under mid-sized or large companies and organisations.

SpectraLink KWS6500 Media Resource with Rack Cabinet can operate with the following limitations and specifications:

  • Supports Up to 32 Simultaneous Calls
  • Up to 32 Media Resources per Server
  • Supports Up to 1,024 Simultaneous Calls/32 Media Resources
  • Supports Up to 768 Simultaneous Calls/32 Media Resources and G.729 Codec Module

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: DECT Server Media Resource
  • Colour: Grey/White
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SpectraLink IP DECT Base Station
    SpectraLink DECT Server
    SpectraLink IP DECT Server 6500
  • Inclusion: Rack Cabinet

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22 Great Features of SpectraLink IP DECT Server 6500

  1. Structured for Medium to Large Businesses & Organisations
  2. Connects Up to 4,096 SpectraLink DECT Phones
  3. Delivers High Quality & Secured Voice Communication
  4. Compatible to SpectraLink 7000 Series Handsets Models
  5. Normally Inclusive of 30 User Licenses
  6. Connects Up to 1,024 IP DECT Base Stations
  7. 11 Simultaneous Calls per IP Base Station
  8. 3 Repeaters per IP Base Station
  9. Connects Up to 32 Media Resources
  10. 32 Simultaneous Calls per Media Resource
  11. Value-added Applications
  12. Messaging to Handsets Function
  13. Extensive Radio Coverage
  14. Seamless & Smooth Handover among Base Stations
  15. Wireless Connectivity
  16. 19-inch Rack Solution
  17. Logical IP Interface
  18. Redundancy to Eliminate Point of Failure
  19. Server-done Maintenance
  20. Configuration, Firmware, & Wireless Users Provisioning
  21. Stable System Core (Linux-based)
  22. SIP Asterisk Standard Features Support

About SpectraLink

SpectraLink is an American telecommunication devices focusing on the development and manufacture of cost-effective and secured mobile communication devices and solutions. The company has always been devoted in the empowerment of mobile workers all over the world, particularly those working under the retail, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. The company has been devoted in delivering workers with the most efficient in-building communication systems and solutions in the telecommunications industry to support their demanding and unique needs.

SpectraLink was founded in the year 1990, and from there was dedicated in providing customers with the following advantages:

Delivers More Positive Customer Experience ● Increased and Fast ROIs (Return of Investments) and Revenues ● Empowers & Streamlines Smooth Enterprise Operations

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with international offices in Denmark and United Kingdom, SpectraLink is able to effectively operate in the global market and cater to customers’ needs worldwide with the assistance of approximately 51 to 200 employees and more than 500 company partners all over the world.

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Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is named to be one of the largest telecommunications online stores that offer wide variety of products and solutions enabling the company to cater to all types of customers in the market. With its extensive and powerful product portfolio, it is able to cater to the need for SoHos and SMEs to find the cost-effective phone products and solutions to help their operations. In addition to that, it can also easily provide large companies, government sectors, and private organisations with the latest and most advanced telecom systems and technologies in the industry and market today.

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