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Silicon Case for SpectraLink 40XX Handset

Silicon Case for SpectraLink 40XX Handset
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Silicon Case for SpectraLink 40XX Handset

The Silicon Case for SpectraLink 40XX Handset is a sturdy and robust communication accessory that has been especially designed to fit the unique form of the SpectraLink 40XX handsets. It has been structured to last for a long time and be able to safety carry the handset, wherever the users are operating and conducting their tasks. The product is also utilised together with a belt clip.

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: Silicon Case
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SpectraLink 40XX Handset

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Standard SpectraLink 40XX Handset Features & Benefits

  • Price Competitive
  • Well-designed
  • Robust Structure
  • Long-term Dependability
  • Ideal for Demanding & Harsh Environments
  • Splashing Water Protected
  • Dust Protected
  • Fully Featured
  • Caters Free Mobility
  • MET & ATEX Certification
  • Hands-free Operation through Built-in Loudspeaker
  • DECT Connectivity
  • 15 Hours Talk Time/150 Hours Standby Time
  • Wireless VoIP Roaming via DECT Relays
  • Headset Jack Connectivity

About SpectraLink

SpectraLink, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and established in the year 1990, is an outstanding telecommunications enterprise that takes pride in delivering the market with cost-effective and secured mobile communication products and solutions. Throughout the decades, the company has been helping companies all over the world in streamlining their operations and increasing their revenues. It is also known to help users be able to deliver positive customer experience.

SpectraLink was recognised as the company to deliver the most efficient and in-building communications products and solutions in the telecommunications industry. In fact, the company was able to reply millions of devices to the global market, particularly in the sectors of manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and retail with the help of approximately 51 to 200 employed experts and more than 500 company partners.

SpectraLink has always been devoted in empowering mobile workers and this has become the company’s mission throughout years and decades of operations as evident in its incredible product portfolio.

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Call us right now and dial Australia wide 1300 088 088 hotline to find out more about this product today!
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