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Siemens CSAPE Survivability Server Unit

Siemens CSAPE Survivability Server Unit
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Siemens CSAPE Survivability Server Unit

The Siemens CSAPE Survivability Server Unit is an important communication tool that is used together with the Siemens HiPath 4000 Solution, which is a solution that is needed by users who want to have a seamless expansion for the communication foundation. This solution is incredibly reliable, modular, and stackable.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Siemens
  • Product Type: Survivability Server Unit
  • Colour: N/A
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Siemens HiPath 4000

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Top-notch System and Productivity Features of Siemens HiPath 4000

  1. Integrated Connectivity: For Analog, TDM, HFA, and SIP Subscribers
  2. Gatekeeper Redundancy for HFA Subscribers
  3. Branch Survivability
  4. Cost-saving Least Cost Routing: For Analog, TDM, and IP Trunks
  5. Software-based Branches- HiPath 4000 SoftGate
  6. Attendant Console
  7. Flexible Configuration of Local Tones and Announcements for Every Branch
  8. IP Distributed Architecture (DPA)
  9. Different Time Zones
  10. Multitenant Functionality
  11. Virtual Numbering Plan
  12. Multilingual User Interfaces
  13. Remote Administration- Serviceability
  14. HiPath 4000 Assistant: For Convenient Administration of the System
  15. Bandwidth Resource Manager: For IP Endpoints and Branches
  16. Multi-level Precedence and Pre-emption
  17. Emergency Dialling
  18. IPDA Signalling and Payload Survivability
  19. Signalling (TLS) and Payload (SRTP) Encryption: For: VoIP Connections
  20. SNMP Proxy Agent
  21. Integration of SIP-based Video Endpoints
  22. PKI Integration of Signalling and Payload Encryption
  23. Operation with/without Direct Inward Dialling
  24. Call Detail Recording
  25. XML Phones Services Interface
  26. CTI Integration of Business Applications
  27. HiPath 4000 Phone Services
  28. OpenStage Phone Family
  29. Conference Server (MMCS)
  30. HiPath Meet-Me
  31. OpenScape Personal Edition
  32. Directory Service (DS-Win)
  33. Busy Lamp Field (BLF-Win)
  34. HiPath Trading
  35. Attendant Console (AC-Win)
  36. OpenScape Xpert

About Siemens

Headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Germany, Siemens is a global powerhouse that showcases wide variety of products and solutions under different divisions and industries. With approximately 372,000 employed experts, the company is able to be involved in several industries, including the healthcare, digital and technology, building technologies, and even energy management. And some of the divisions working under this enterprise include the following:

Process Industries and Drives ● Digital Factory ● Energy Management ● Healthineers ● Mobility ● Power and Gas ● Power Generation Services ● Wind Power and Renewables ● Building Technologies

Siemens has become the model of reliability, innovation, and technological evolution. It is responsible for several exhilarating developments and innovations in the market, especially in the field of electrical engineering where the company started operating in 1847. With a team simply comprised of 10 members, the company was able to effectively start in the market through Founder Werner von Siemens’s pointer telegraph design.

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Find out more about this product by giving Telephonesonline Pty Ltd a call right now! Dial Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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