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Revolabs Remote Antenna Dropped Ceiling Mount Kit

Revolabs Remote Antenna Dropped Ceiling Mount Kit
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Revolabs Remote Antenna Dropped Ceiling Mount Kit

The Revolabs Remote Antenna Dropped Ceiling Mount Kit is an all-in-one package that houses all the necessary items in order to mount excellently and stably the Revolabs Remote Antenna to the ceiling. In order for the device to be properly mounted, the mount kit should be complete. The good thing about the kit is that it is comprised of sturdy materials, ensuring that the device won’t just fall off once it is mounted the right way.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Revolabs
  • Product Type: Ceiling Mount Kit
  • Colour: White
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Revolabs Remote Antenna

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Awesome Benefits of Revolabs Remote Antenna Dropped Ceiling Mount Kit

  1. Comes with Revolabs Executive Elite 2, 4, & Channel
  2. Exceptional Audio Quality Even in Most Demanding Environments
  3. Offers Ultimate Configuration of Flexibility & Freedom
  4. Built to Handle More Demands
  5. Creates Distributed Architecture
  6. Supports Up to 44 Microphones (US, Japan, & South America) and Up to 76 (Europe, Africa, Asia, & Australia)
  7. Structured to Enhance Room Control Systems Integration

About Revolabs

Revolabs, Inc. is currently headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where it conducts its major operations in the global market, including the developing and manufacture of top-of-the line audio products and systems. Specialising in the field of unified communications, the company delivers guaranteed high speaker quality and audio pickup, enabling users to enjoy full immersed unified communication experience. With this in mind, the company focuses on the internal component of devices and systems, making sure that the quality and embedded features are incredible and unique from other products and systems.

Revolabs is popular for its encrypted systems, which ensures that they are secured while being incredibly functional. In addition to that, these systems are GMS-impervious and environmentally friendly through the use of rechargeable operations. More than its systems, the company is also a specialist in wireless audio products and solutions. In fact, its wireless audio line is very extensive and is comprised with everything customers need to make the most of the wireless freedom.

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Get to know this product more by calling us through our hotline: Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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