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Revolabs HD Series Wireless Microphone

Revolabs HD Series Wireless Microphone
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Revolabs HD Series Wireless Microphone

This Revolabs HD Series Wireless Microphone is an innovative device that offers users high definition audio with exceptional voice reproduction in a small form factor. This HD wearable wireless microphone features a rotatable clip that can be used to rearrange the device and point it towards the best position that can capture sound best. Compatible with all Revolabs HD systems and cross-compatible with any HD system, this wireless microphone is impervious to GSM noise, which means that even when the device is in direct contact with wireless electronics devices, like smart phones and GSM mobile phones, that often cause unwanted and annoying audio interference.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Revolabs
  • Product Type: Wireless Microphone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Cross-compatible with Any HD System
  • Talk Time: Up to 8 Hours (Single Charge)
  • Charging: Up to 2 Hours
  • Dimensions 72 x 25 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Note: Does not require cumbersome belt-back

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Excellent Features of Revolabs HD Series Wirelss Microphone

  1. Rotatable Clip
  2. Wearable Operation
  3. High Definition Audio
  4. Exceptional Voice Reproduction in Very Small Form Factor
  5. Impervious to GSM Noise
  6. Up to 8 Hours of Continuous Usage
  7. Two Hours Recharging
  8. Cross-compatible: Mixed & Matched with Any HD System

About Revolabs

Revolabs, Inc. is an enterprise that was established in the year 2005, designing and developing wireless audio products that can be uses for professional and enterprise collaboration applications. The company offers wide selection of products in the global market, including the following:

HD Four & Eight Channel Wireless ● Handheld Microphones ● Directional Tabletop Wireless ● HD Adapters ● Omni Tabletop Wireless ● VoIP Networks Wireless Conference Phones ● Single/Dual Channel Wireless ● Single Channel Wireless Microphone Systems ● Rack-mount Wireless ● Wearable Wireless

Revolabs has been recognised as one of the best provider of wireless audio solutions for unified communications across wide range of markets. More than just how extensive the product portfolio it offers, the company is also popular for its stylish and sleek design, as well as its crystal clear audio quality integrated in its product offers. Its systems are all secured and encrypted for the safety of the customers’ transactions.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian telecommunications enterprise that houses one of the largest and most extensive product portfolios in the market today. It offers a lot of popular telecom brands, including the following:

Plantronics ● LG Aria ● Exicom ● Avaya ● Commander ● Gigaset ● Aristel ● Samsung ● Omni ● Nortel Networks ● Polycom ● Cisco ● GN Netcom ● Ericsson ● Alcatel-Lucent ● Fujitsu ● NEC ● Panasonic ● Siemens

Telephonesonline offers the Australian market with brand new, pre-owned, second-hand, and refurbished products and solutions, allowing its operations to be able to cater to all types of customers in the market, including small enterprises, mid-sized enterprises, small offices/home offices, private corporations, large companies, and government sectors. SoHos and SMEs can take advantage of the company’s cost-effective and affordable pre-owned and refurbished products and solutions while other larger groups with complicated organisational structure can benefit from its latest and more advanced telecom technologies and systems.

Get to know this product better today by giving our company a call through our hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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