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Panasonic KX-T7750 Refurbished Handset Phone Telephone (Black)

Panasonic KX-T7750 Refurbished Handset Phone Telephone (Black)
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Panasonic KX-T7750 Black
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AUD$ 124.99
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Panasonic KX-T7750 Black Telephone Handset (Refurbished)

Panasonic KX-T7750 Black Telephone Handset is an excellent communication device integrated with valuable features, including important function keys like the redial key, forward and do not disturb or DND key, and the intercom or conference key. This device is also embedded with 24 programmable line/feature keys that can be customised with features and line functionalities that would benefit users the most. Wall-mountable, the Panasonic KX-T7750 is available in either black or white colour and can accommodate headset jack.

More Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Product Type: Digital Phone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 12 Months Replacement


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Panasonic KX-T7750 Digital Phone Handset Features

  • 24 Programmable Line/Feature Buttons
  • Automatic Redial
  • Redial Key
  • Hold/Redial Key
  • Auto Answer Store Key
  • Message Key
  • Intercom/Conference Key
  • Forward/Do Not Disturb (DND) Key
  • Pause/Transfer Key
  • Volume Control Keys for Handset
  • Wall-mountable
  • Headset Jack


About Panasonic

Established in the year 1918, the Panasonic Corporation was created by the legendary Konosuke Matsushita under its very first company name, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. From operating in a local setup, the company has done well for itself and has expanded towards the global scale. More than just market expansion, the company has also expanded its product portfolio and has went over the limit of electronics products. From consumer electronic products and home appliances, the company has expanded its offers to non-electronic offers, including home renovation services.

Panasonic Corporation operates with its renowned research and development department backing up its entire offers. While the company may be headquartered in Osaka, Japan, it takes on the global market with the help of its hundreds of subsidiaries and offices located all over the world. The company even employs with the help of more than 200,000 workers worldwide.

About TelephonesOnline

One of the most premier communication products and solutions providers in the Australian market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd can be deemed as a reliable ally in making sure that customers get the most ideal phone offers that could benefit their specific situations. The company started its operations more than 2 decades ago and since then has polished its operations and offers to be able to provide the best for its customers. Australia-owned and –operated, the company is very knowledgeable when it comes to customer demands and market trends. This is the company’s weapon in providing the market with only the best.

Telephonesonline conducts and completes a lot of its transactions online, with the aid of its official website. For customers who ordered phone products online, delivery will be completed with the help of several of its offices located all around the country. 

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