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Panasonic Kx7330 Phone System 5 Handsets

Panasonic Kx7330 Phone System 5 Handsets
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Panasonic kx7330
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AUD$ 800.00
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Panasonic KX7330 Phone System (5 Handsets)

The Panasonic KX7330 phone system is a complete solution tailored exactly for small businesses. And this specific package is an excellent one to use for team management and to improve the company’s engagement.

Cost-effective Panasonic KX7330 Small Business Phone System

NEC SL1100 Phone System includes:

  • 1x Panasonic Phone System
  • 5x Panasonic KX7330 Digital Handset

GST Refurbished Panasonic Phone System + $800 ONLY!

If you want to know about the quote, call the Australia wide 1300 088 088

Excellent Features of the Panasonic KX7330 Handset

The Panasonic KX7330 handset was created to cater to small businesses. It is designed to function together with a maximum of 6 lines. Calls are made through the handset or the button of the line that would be used. Output buttons can also be programmed. There are also several phone features to enjoy, including the following:

  • Speakerphone
  • 1x Line
  • 16x Character LCD
  • Message Wait Lamp
  • 8x CO Line Keys
  • Wall Mount Options

About Panasonic

Panasonic was established in March 1918 and incorporated in December 1935. With its head office location at 1006, OazaKadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8501, Japan, the entire enterprise is headed by its president, Kazuhiro Tsuga. The entire corporation is composed of 469 consolidated companies, including the parent company, with a total of 254,084 employees working under it.

The brand name “Panasonic” was created in 1955, which was first used for branding audio speakers. This is why the brand name is created as it is. Both Pan and Sonic were combined to mean bringing the sound that the company creates to the world. The main goal of the company is to continuously help people in creating better like and in the end product a better world through innovating and helping the society with evolution and technology.

Panasonic is more than just a telecommunication company but more importantly a big company catering to a lot of industries.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline has been serving the telecommunication industry for more than 2 decades now. And in Australia, the company is considered an expert in the field, especially with those years of experience. And with this experience, it is capable of providing customers with whatever they may need. And being Australia-owned and –operated also helps a lot in this matter.

Telephonesonline treasures several factors in the business. One of which is that the company makes sure of the quality of service that it provides. With its “no compromise on quality” rule, it promises its customers with products that are premier and on top of the industry. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Telephonesonline also have an extensive portfolio when it comes to their prices. It can cater to all types of companies, from small and growing ones to fully established and large corporations. With this, the company reaches the entire market effortlessly.

If you want to know about the quote, call the Australia wide 1300 088 088

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