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Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone

Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone
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KX-NT321X (BK)
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AUD$ 156.00
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Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone

The Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone is an affordable entry-level IP handset that is part of the basic Panasonic NT300 IP series. This model is available in two colours- black and white. It showcases large and interactive display that shows important call details.

Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone is structured for people in need of standard IP functionalities. It is integrated with 8 programmable buttons that can be customised with lines and functions that you need. It is ideal for small sized enterprises from different fields.

Panasonic KX-NT321X Black IP Telephone helps to disseminate tasks better by showing which staff members are free and which ones are on the phone, as well as which phone lines are in use. It also has one-touch speed dials that offer usage flexibility.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product Type: IP Telephone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Panasonic TDE200, TDE600, NCP500, and NCP1000 Office Phone Systems


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13 Top-notch Features of Panasonic KX-NT321X IP Telephone

  1. 1-line x 16-character Backlit LCD Display
  2. 8 Programmable CO Keys
  3. Hands-free Speakerphone Capability
  4. Digital Speakerphone
  5. 2 Ethernet Ports (100 Base-T)
  6. 10/100 MB
  7. Tilt Angle Screen Adjustment
  8. Wideband Audio
  9. PoE Class 2
  10. Optional 6-button DSS Console (KX-DT890AL)
  11. Plug and Play Functionality
  12. Self-defect Feature
  13. Easily Connects Remote IP Users


About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a well-known Japanese corporation that delivers solutions in different target areas, including Aviation, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retail, Logistics, and Public areas. It also develops, manufactures, and sells phone products and solutions, as well as delivers services for system integration, installation, and support and maintenance. It is even involved in the manufacture of retail of electronics and automotive infotainment products. Some of the company’s offers include:

Electrical Components ● Car-use-multimedia-related Equipment ● Primary Batteries ● Lithium-ion Batteries ● Electric Motors ● Display ● Semiconductors ● Electronic Materials ● Electromechanical Control Components

Panasonic was established in March 1918 and was known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., before its rebranding. It is currently headquartered in Kadoma Osaka, Japan and led by Kazuhiro Tsuga as the company’s president.

Panasonic was named as the fourth biggest TV manufacturer in the world in the year 2012 and is considered today as one of the biggest producers of electronics in Japan.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is Australia’s biggest telecommunications online store today. It provides variety of products and solutions in the form of different conditions, from brand new to pre-owned, second-hand, and refurbished ones. Some of the products and solutions offered by the company are the following:

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The company makes use of more than two decades of experience in catering to all types of customers in the market, from individuals to groups like SoHos, SMEs, large corporations, and government institutions.

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