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Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module (Platinum)

Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module (Platinum)
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Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module (Platinum)

The Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module is an additional communication device usually connected to specific phones in order to add more buttons to the already existing programmable buttons integrated in the phone. This device helps users with be more flexible and efficient at work, especially when it comes to forwarding calls and accessing lines in a click of a button.

Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module package is usually consisted of the following:

  • Connector Cable
  • Key Indicator Module

More Product Information

  • Brand: Nortel
  • Product Type: Key Indicator Module
  • Colour: Platinum
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Nortel BCM Software Versions
    Norstar 6.1 or Later System
    Nortel T7316 Digital Phone
    Nortel T7316E Digital Phone
  • Maximum: 2 Modules per Phone
  • Requirement: 6.1 or Higher System Software on Norstar

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All about the Norstart T24 Key Indicator Module Features

  • 24 Programmable Buttons with Indicators for:
    • Lines
    • Features
    • Autodial Numbers
  • Multiple Appearances of Target Line and Hunt Groups
  • Multi-segment Indicators
  • Maximum: 4 T24 Key Indicator Modules per Phone (Without Stations Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Maximum: 9 T24 Key Indicator Modules per Phone (With Station Auxiliary Power Supply)
  • Desk or Wall Mount Option
  • Nortel T7316E and T24 KIM Replaces the Nortel M7324 and CAP Combination

About Nortel

Nortel started out the Bell Canada’s manufacturing department as a way for the company to get around the strict prohibitions of the U.S. government in production and manufacture of diverse products.

Formerly called Northern Telecom Limited and Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company Limited, Nortel is a multinational telecommunications enterprise that also develops and manufactures data networking equipment and technologies. Founded in the year 1895 in Quebec, Canada, this telecommunications and networking equipment enterprise conducts a lot of its major transactions in its headquarter in Ontario, Canada, with the help of more than 94,000 employees in over 150 countries worldwide.

Nortel, at the height of its success, was able to employ over 94,000 experts of their respective fields located in more than 150 countries all over the world. It is listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX and has the value of a third of the entire value of all companies listed in it.

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