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Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)

Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)
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M3905 GC70
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Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)

The Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Phone is a top-notch call centre phone that offers multiple lines to users, making it perfect for technical specialists and office professionals. This call centre phone is also perfect for call centre agents, with the task of taking as many calls as they can daily. Some of the factors that help in supporting call centre agents include the call centre actions embedded in its ACD fixed feature keys.

Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Phones, besides offering call centre actions in keys, also offers direct connect for headsets. It even offers a supervisor port that can allow supervisors to listen in to agents’ calls and be able to evaluate their performances.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Nortel
  • Product Type: Digital Phone
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Nortel Meridian M1 Phone System
    Nortel Meridian Option Phone System
    Analogue Terminal Adapter
    External Alerter & Recording Interface
  • Note: It will not work on its own

Do you have questions regarding this offered product? Give us a call now at Australia wide 1300 088 088 and we’ll answer them all.

Nortel M3905 GC70 Digital Hard Phone Features

  • 4-line x 240character LCD Display
  • Up to 7 Lines (Multi-line Phone)
  • Interactive Soft Keys
  • 6 Fixed ACD Feature Keys with LED:
    • Headset
    • Emergency
    • Make Busy
    • Not Ready
    • Supervisor
    • In-calls
  • Dual Headset Jacks
  • Supervisor Observe Key (Talk/Listen or Listen ONLY)
  • 2 Snap-in Cartridge Accessories: For ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter and External Alerter & Recording Interface)
  • Optional Handset

About Nortel

Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company Limited, which was later known as Nortel, was created by Bell Company as a division under the management and in the process of circumventing the strict restrictions provided by the U.S. government when it comes to importing of phones. The department expanded and turned to a global company after years of operation. An enterprise who became one of the frontrunners in the industry, the company even became more than 1/3 of the total value of the entire list of companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange of TSX.

Established in the year 1895 in Quebec, Canada, Nortel is a popular frontrunner in providing customers help in their communication and networking needs. The company is responsible for developing and manufacturing next-generation phone and network technologies and systems. These offers support business-critical and multimedia applications, which make the offers ideal for enterprise networks and service providers by offering products that could simplify connection and networking processes.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline is the company that customers of all types, SoHos, SMEs, large companies, and government organisations, go to when in search for the most effective phone products, solutions, and packages that can specifically cater to their communication needs and preferences.

Telephonesonline caters to small enterprises through their low priced refurbished phone offers while it caters to mid-sized to large corporations through the company’s new and more advanced communication products and systems. It also offers wide variety of brands, including the following:

Avaya ● LG Aria ● Ericsson ● Panasonic ● Alcatel-Lucent ● NEC ● Exicom ● Polycom ● Aristel ● Nortel Networks ● Fujitsu ● Samsung ● Cisco ● Omni ● Gigaset ● Siemens ● Commander ● Plantronics ● GN Netcom

Australia-owned and –operated, Telephonesonline has become a specialist in providing customers high quality products and services, as well as convenience of purchasing the items they need through the online store located at Telephonesonline.com.au.

Do you have questions regarding this offered product? Give us a call now at Australia wide 1300 088 088 and we’ll answer them all.
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