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Nortel M3904 FB70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)

Nortel M3904 FB70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)
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M3904 FB70
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AUD$ 220.00
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Nortel M3904 FB70 Digital Phone (Charcoal)

The Nortel M3904 FB70 Digital Phone is a full duplex hands-free multi-line phone that delivers usability with its Personal Directory and Call Log features. Supporting up to 12 lines in total, this phone also supports the Personal Directory PC Utility that enables users to have phone directory with up to 100 names and numbers, and have the ability to download them to the phone.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Nortel
  • Product Type: Digital Phone
  • Colour: Charcoal (Black)
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Standards: CSA, UL, & EIA Specifications
    FCC Requirements and ADA
  • Compatibility: Meridian 1/Meridian SL-100
  • Requirements: X11 Software 24.4x and Higher (Meridian 1)
    Intelligent Peripheral Equipment/IPE based Digital Line Card
    MSL11 Software and Higher (Meridian SL-100)
    M3900 Release 2 Firmware and Higher
    (IPE) based Digital Line Card with Enhanced XPEC Card

Do you want more details how to purchase this device? Find out how through our hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088.

Incredible Features of Nortel M3904 FB70 Digital Phone

  • Multi-line Digital Capability
  • 5-line x 24-character LCD Display
  • Interactive Soft Keys (Quick Access to Numerous Features)
  • Hold Button
  • Goodbye Button
  • Volume Control
  • “Smart” Mute and Headset with LED
  • Options Button
  • Message Button
  • Directory/Log with Redial
  • Applications Button
  • Shift Button
  • Hands-free with LED Button
  • Direct-connect Headset Port

About Nortel

Nortel Networks, founded in the year 1895 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a networking equipment and telecommunications enterprise that has been operating in the global market through its headquarters located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Guided by parent companies that include AT&T, Bell Canada, and BCE Inc., the company has excellently provided the market with incredible technologies and devices that allow the simplification of telecommunications and networking. AT&T was responsible for the company’s manufacturing operations while Bell company takes care of the company’s equity stakes.

Nortel was part of the Montreal-based Bell Canada as one of its departments and was named as Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company during its creation. The department was created in order to circumvent the restrictions that the government has mandated when it comes to the manufacturing operations’ diversification.

Listed under the Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX, Nortel operated in the world market with the help of around 94,500 employed experts of their own fields.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a popular Australian telecommunications company that offers wide selection of phone devices, solutions, and systems. Australia-owned and –operated, the company is incredibly familiar with how the Australian market works and knows how to deal with customer demands as efficiently and effectively as the company can. More than that, the company uses its decades of operations in the market to study market trends and figure out how to better take care of the customers and the market.

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Commander ● Plantronics ● GN Netcom

Do you want more details how to purchase this device? Find out how through our hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088.
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