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Nortel 8-button DSS Panel (Charcoal)

Nortel 8-button DSS Panel (Charcoal)
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Nortel 8-button DSS Panel (Charcoal)

The Nortel 8-button DSS Panel is an add-on usually connected to phones in order to be programmed and customised with the users’ most frequently used functions and capabilities. This device is perfect for the following kinds of workers:

Executive Assistants ● Receptionists ● Secretaries

Nortel 8-button DSS Panel is easily customisable and used, without the need for further training for users.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Nortel
  • Product Type: DSS Panel
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Nortel M39xx Phone Series

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Nortel 8-button DSS Panel Top Features

  • 8 Additional Programmable Buttons
  • Study Construction of Device

About Nortel

Nortel Networks is a popular multinational enterprise that operates in the telecommunications and networking equipment industries since its foundation in the year 1895 in Quebec, Canada as Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company. With its major headquarters located in Ontario, Canada, the company has excellently operates in the global market with the help of more than 94,000 employed experts.

Nortel is the solution to Bell Canada’s problem of the government restrictions when it comes to the prohibition of manufacturing diversified products by a single company. After the re-organisation, the department named Northern Electric came out. Besides Bell Canada, other parent companies of Nortel include AT&T and Western Electric. While Bell Canada and Western Electric are responsible for handling the company’s equity stakes, AT&T is responsible for seeing through the company’s entire manufacturing and production operations. In addition to that, Western Electric is also responsible for some of the licensed designs used by Nortel.

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