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NEC SV9100 GCD-8DLCA 8-Port Digital Extension Card

NEC SV9100 GCD-8DLCA 8-Port Digital Extension Card
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NEC SV9100 GCD-8DLCA 8-Port Digital Extension Card

This product is an 8 Port Digital Line Blade (Base) for Univerge 9000 System Platform. The NEC SV9100 8 Port Digital Extension Card GCD-8DCLA is used when you want to connect up to 8 of the NEC digital phones to the SV9100 system.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: Digital Extension Card
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SV9100 phone system

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NEC SV9100 GCD-8DLCA 8-Port Digital Extension Card Features

  • 8-port Digital Station Interface
  • 8L Digital Line Circuit Blade with 16 Physical Ports (HWCH)
  • Used to connect up to 8 NEC digital phones
  • Works on the SV9100 and SV8100
  • Expand with GPZ-8DLCB
  • Capacity of 3 per 3-blade chassis or expansion chassis, 6 per 6-blade chassis
  • Compatible with SV9100 phone system
  • NEC GCD-8DLCA 8-Port Digital Station Interface Blade for Univerge 9000 System Platform.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is one of the most trust-worthy and reliable telecommunication company in the industry. It is responsible for several of the high quality communication solutions and services that customers enjoy right now. The company actually started way back ago in the year 1899 in Japan and it has now expanded and even catered to more than one industry. Some of the industries that benefit from the company are the Enterprise Business, Public Business, System Platform Business, and Telecom Carrier Business.

An expert in innovative communication system integrations, NEC was able to back up a lot of enterprises and corporations. The company provides excellent support for all types of groups, including financial institutions, domestic and foreign governments, government agencies, and private institutions. Since there are products from NEC that offers protection and security, even public institutions rely on these NEC products when considering their operations. Of course private sectors and enterprises are also benefitting from them.

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