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NEC SV9100 GCD-4ODTB E&M Trunk Interface Card

NEC SV9100 GCD-4ODTB E&M Trunk Interface Card
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NEC SV9100 GCD-4ODTB E&M Trunk Interface Card

The SV9100 GCD-4ODTB has a 4 Channel Tie Line Interface Blade. The 4 Port Analog E&M-2W/4W Trunk Blade - GCD-4ODTB Tie Line Blade is an out band dial type analog tie line interface blade. This blade supports system connections to either 2-wire (four lead, tip/ring) or 4-wire (six lead, tip/ring/tip 1/ring 1) E&M signaling tie lines (determined in Program 10-13). System programming is used also to select the connection types with Type I or Type V. The GCD-4ODTB consumes four ports ranging between ports 001~400 (SV9100).

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: Trunk Interface Card
  • Condition: Brand New

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NEC SV9100 GCD-4ODTB E&M Trunk Interface Card Features

  • 4-port Tie Line Interface (E&M)
  • 4L E&M-2W/4W Trunk Blade with 4 Physical Ports (HWCH)
  • Supports 2-wire (four lead, tip/ring) system connection
  • Supports 4-wire (six lead, tip/ring/tip 1/ring 1) system connection

About NEC Corporation

Created in 1899, NEC or Nippon Electric Company is a Japanese company that operates internationally. Headquartered in Japan, NEC is one of the frontrunners in the development and innovation of business communication systems, solutions, and devices. It offers an extensive product portfolio, which is how it is capable of providing all sizes of businesses and institutions like governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign, and private institutions. Its major operations include several fields and categories, including enterprise, public, system platform, and telecom carrier business.

NEC does not only cater to private and government agencies, but also in public institutions. This is enough proof that the company is very flexible in their operations. The company uses the combinations of networking and sensing technologies, improving the technology assets that the company uses. The most popular sector that the company operates under on is the telecom carrier business. It also provides network control platform systems and services.

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