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NEC SV9100 GCD-4LCF 4-Port Analog Extension Card

NEC SV9100 GCD-4LCF 4-Port Analog Extension Card
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NEC SV9100 GCD-4LCF 4-Port Analog Extension Card

The GCD-4LCF is a 4 Port Analog Single Line Extension Blade with Message Wait and Caller ID. This is used for Analog on Premise Telephones, Fax Machines and Analog Modems. The NEC SV9100 4-Port Analog Extension Card GCD-4LCF is used when you want to connect up to 4 basic analogue phones on the NEC to the SV9100 phone system. This product is a 4-port Single Line Telephone Interface for all Market (Except China). The NEC GCD-4LCF LC 4-Port Single Line Station Interface Circuit Blade is used for Univerge 9000 System Platform.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: Extension Card
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SV9100 phone system

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NEC SV9100 GCD-4LCF 4-Port Analog Extension Card Features

  • 4L Analog Line (SLT) Circuit Blade with MW and Caller ID with 16 Physical Ports (HWCH)
  • Used to connect basic analogue phones to the SV9100 phone system.
  • Used to connect up to 4 basic analogue phones
  • Provides Message Waiting lamping.
  • Accepts GPZ-4LCA/8LCF Daughter Board
  • Maximum capacity of (3) per 3-Blade Base or Expansion Chassis.
  • Maximum capacity of (6) per 6-Blade Chassis.
  • For use with the NEC Univerge 9000 series systems

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is one of the frontrunners in the business communication hub. It deals with all sorts of communication sectors and categories, including mobile terminal product planning, development, manufacturing, distribution, and support. The company offers an extensive portfolio of applications and phones that push customers, from individuals to groups, towards better productivity. Some of the products that the company provides include the following:

Desktop Phones ● In-building Wireless Systems ● Softphones

NEC helps customers access communication tools, reliable and stable, that provides more than just excellent functions but also important information. With a lot of advanced and customizable features and functionalities installed in the phone handsets that the company offers, users will definitely benefit a lot in making the most out of the devices. And with excellent flexibility that the company’s devices and solutions offer, users can improve their productivity and effectiveness in their tasks with better and more stable forms of communication realized.

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