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NEC SV9100 ACD-MIS Agent-01 License

NEC SV9100 ACD-MIS Agent-01 License
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NEC SV9100 ACD-MIS Agent-01 License

NEC SV9100 ACD-MIS Agent-01 License is a License to activate an ACD Agent client.

All of the licensing options can be broken down into different categories. Some licenses are either turned on or off, these types of licenses normally have a quantity of 1 to turn them on. Other licenses can have a quantity based on the number of devices that can be used. References in the SV9100 Licensing Manual are made to both license codes and part numbers. License codes are the actual codes that are recognized by the SV9100, all license codes are 4 digits in length. Part numbers are the numbers that are actually ordered and are generally referred to as BE codes or EU codes. They will begin EU or BE and will have 6 numbers.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: ACD-MIS Agent License
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility:

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NEC SV9100 ACD-MIS Agent-01 License Features

  • License to activate an ACD Agent client.
  • ACD-MIS Agent Client License (License Code: 2104)

About NEC Corporation

Also known to be the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, NEC was named to be so in 1983 when it was rebranded as such. It has been existing since the 1980s and has been providing communications and IT products, solutions, and services in the industry. Started and headquartered in Japan, NEC Corporation is considered to be one of the best telecommunication companies offering the best communication technologies.

NEC communication devices and systems can be by individual user to more than a hundred of users, improving a lot of aspects in their operations and day-to-day tasks. Basically, they improve the productivity and effectiveness of businesses and their operations. NEC products could be involved in several communication fields, including the following:

  • Call Management
  • Call Centre Applications
  • Business Mobility
  • Messaging
  • Communication Portals

NEC is a joint venture with Western Electric, AT&T’s manufacturing arm. Established in 1899, NEC is the key supplier to the national phone company of Japan, the NT&T.

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Telephonesonline is one of the top-notch business communications products and services supplier and wholesaler in Australia. Been operating for more than 2 decades, the company is familiar with how the industry works, as well as the past and current demands and trends in the market. This is how the company became an expert with what customers need as related to how much they are willing to give. And how customization is also the best offer the company can provide its customers.

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